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My SEO has Fallen Down and Can’t Get Up

Your company’s SEO efforts have dropped and you’re site is not getting the traffic you desired. Is it time to panic or search for ways to right the ship?

SEO2Your company’s SEO efforts have dropped and you’re site is not getting the traffic you desired. Is it time to panic or search for ways to right the ship?

Countless marketers, I.T. heads, webmasters and more have had to deal with this very issue over time, leading some small business owners to wonder how they can get their site’s traffic flowing smoothly once again.

As many small business owners do or do not understand, page rankings are critical to a company’s site, especially given all the online competition there is to navigate through. Even if your site is managing to attract attention, are you actually turning those visitors into customers?

For those small business owners who need to shake up their company’s SEO efforts, there are several ways to go about it.

They include:

1. Review the site’s copy – There is a fine line between keywords and quality copy. Too many SEO heads focus in on hitting viewers with a ton of keywords, yet the copy itself is average at best. Others may have stellar copy, but it is lacking in the right number and value of keywords. Sit down with the person/s in charge of SEO and review both copy and keywords. Is the copy fresh? Is the copy relevant to your site? Are the keywords properly placed in the copy or haphazardly thrown in? Determine where the problem is and fix it sooner rather than later;

2. Review the SEO budget – How much has your business invested in SEO? It may be time to invest some more funds into the SEO efforts, especially in order to see a better return on your investment. Too many companies panic at first when things are not working, oftentimes described as a knee-jerk reaction;

3. Review your analysis – What’s the sense of having an SEO campaign if you’re not going to analyze the results? Small business owners need to be sure their SEO person and/or department is looking at the numbers on a monthly basis at minimum to see where improvements need to be made. Whether it is Google Analytics or another program, analyze those visitors;

4. Do you blog? – While some experts poo-poo the relevance of blogs on a company site, I have always been a fan of them. If done correctly, the blog can serve as a great mouthpiece for your company. The key to a successful blog is having quality content that is updated on a regular basis. Blogs garner search engine traffic, giving your company an SEO leg up on the competition;

5. Don’t be a repeat offender – One of the sins of an SEO campaign is having too much repeat content out there on the web. The simple fact is search engines do not like repetitive copy, so make it fresh and exclusive.

When you integrate some of these ideas with each specific project, your SEO campaigns stand a much better possibility of gaining traffic and increasing your return on investment.

So, ready to search how to best optimize that engine?

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  • Informative knowledge about how to do SEO of a website. I will share this among other people. I am the regular visitor of your site. I always gain Information from this website. I will recommend this website among other.

  • It’s a great source of help for the small time business owners who have had a fall in their seo and thanks for the tips. As you have rightly pointed out keyword infestation, repeated copy which has lost all its value and has become outdated are some of the fatal reasons. The tip on sitting and having a talk with the Seo experts and discussing things is also very apt.