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Top Seven Things to Avoid When Choosing an SEO Agency – A SPN Exclusive

SEO-TipsRunning an SEO agency can potentially mean big business. Competition is rife within the industry, and as such some less than ethical methods of producing impressive looking results have unsurprisingly evolved over time.

Agencies that use these ‘effective’ methods may seem appealing, but look a little closer and you’ll soon realise that not only are their results delivered via corrupt means, but often these same results cannot be sustained over time.

So what do you do to solve this dilemma? You want Google to think highly of your website, but you don’t have the time or specialist knowledge to make this happen yourself. However, you also know that some SEO agencies could potentially rip you off. There is a solution. Although it may take a little time, finding a suitable agency for your business is possible. Here are a few top tips to bear in mind while you’re searching for an SEO company that you can trust.

How Much do They Charge?

We all know that the economic climate is less than perfect at present. Thus, whenever we decide to invest into our business, we want to make sure we’re getting the best possible service for our money. Low prices can be tempting; however they do not always guarantee a satisfactory ROI. Rates should be competitive, but if they seem ‘too good to be true’, they probably are. Ethical SEO agencies do a huge amount of research, writing, reviewing, and more in order to encourage Google’s PageRank to rank your site well. If the agencies prices are dirt cheap, then it is best to err on the side of caution.

Similarly if they are offering a ‘pay-per-click’ service, whereby you pay them for every visitor your site receives, then you will more than likely end up paying significantly more than if you pay a set monthly fee. If a ‘pay-per-click’ SEO agency wants to get money quickly, then they will use any method possible to get traffic to your site.

Number of Keywords Targeted

Both quality and quantity are important to Google’s PageRank algorithm. Certainly it is possible for an SEO agency to target multiple keywords; however it could be the case that many of these keywords do not have much competition and are thus easy for the agency to get ranking highly. More competitive keywords may take longer to rank highly with, but they will be significantly more beneficial for you in the long run.

Traffic Relevancy

SEO isn’t just about the amount of people that visit your site increasing; it’s also about the kind of people that are visiting your site. A good SEO agency will be able to target the appropriate demographic for whatever it is your site offers, thus increasing your ROI. However, a less effective agency will purely base their results on the amount of people clicking to your website, rather than who those people are.

Quick Results

Quick results may look good to you initially, but they don’t always bode well with Google. Google is incredibly advanced, and gets suspicious if a site is fast to rise in the ranks. These kinds of results are often impossible to sustain over time, as Google often penalizes those quick to rank sites. This can put your rankings down, or knock your website off Google searches altogether.

Unique and Relevant Content

As already stated, quality and quantity both matter to Google. If the content an agency is writing for you is automated or copied, then you will have less chance of Google looking upon your website favourably. If the agency is offering a huge amount of article and blog submissions for your money, then it’s possible that the content might have been generated rather than written by a human. Original content is important and affects both your PageRank score, and ultimately the relevancy of your site traffic.

Spam Commenting

We all receive spam email, and thus all know how irritating it is when it appears among other, more important, messages in our inboxes. Some SEO agencies spam blogs and forums in order to get people to your website. However, not only does this not bring in the right kind of traffic to your website, it also undermines the owner of the blog. The blog owners spend time and effort on their blog; spam commenters do not think about the people they are affecting.

Look For Honesty

Ethical SEO agencies should always be open and honest about their results and how they are being achieved. They should review their results and always be looking to improve. If they are not willing to put in this kind of effort, or you feel like information is being kept from you, then they are more than likely not to be trusted.

Finding an ethical SEO agency is not an impossible task, it simply takes a little bit of time. Bear these tips in mind and always be prepared to ask difficult questions to any agencies that you approach.

Kingpin SEO are a UK based SEO agency. Unlike many other SEO agencies, they are committed to providing the most ethical SEO work possible and can help your website achieve both impressive and sustainable results, through extensive keyword research, on-page SEO, and ethical, organic, link building techniques.

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  • I do not outsource to SEO agency if they use black hat and no guarantee result with full money back .
    When we hire SEO agency, we need to knew basic SEO as well so you know what your SEO agent did .
    If they provide black hat, then you will suffer and paymore to do those reverse SEO.

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