10 Vital Elements of Your Web Stats

analyticsYour web stats are an important collection of information regarding your site’s visitors, referrals, and other essential information. This information is important to you because it can help you measure the success of your marketing campaign, determine where to improve your site and how to tweak your site for success!

Below are ten vital elements of your web stats and why you should study them.

1. Unique Visitors

This component will tell you exactly how many people have come to your website. No matter how many pages the visitor clicks to, he is counted as one visitor. You need to utilize this statistic to see if your traffic is improving over time or getting worse. This will help you determine if you need to enhance your search engine rankings and other methods of getting traffic.

2. Location of Visitors

Knowing where your visitors are coming from is important because you can research how to reach a wider worldwide target market. You can see where the largest percentage of people are coming from and work on expanding your global visitor base.

3. Search Phrases

Your web stats will let you know exactly what search phrases/keywords people are using to get to your site. Studying this critical component can help you fine tune and improve your keywords and site content for better placement in the search engines.

4. Referrals

Referrals are websites or pages from which your visitors have found you. Study them to find out where your traffic originated and exactly how they found you. You can find out who is linking to you and which of your articles are bringing you more traffic. You can then submit these popular articles to more sites.

5. Pages

This item will help you determine which of your site’s pages are the most popular and which ones are not visited much. Analyze this info to see why some pages are so well traveled and some are not being used much at all.

6. Entry and Exit Pages

Analyze this information to find out where people are entering your site and from which page they leave the most. This can help you stress your sales pitch more on certain pages and learn how to keep visitors from leaving other pages. Put special offers on popular landing pages. Spice up or add more interest to pages from which people are leaving. Study those pages to see what could be making them leave as opposed to exploring additional pages.

7. Time of Day

Your web stats will tell you the time of day when each visitor came to your site and visited individual pages. This can help you schedule chats and/or webinars and can help you determine when to publish new content and/or special offers and sales.

8. Days of the Week

This information will help you in much the same way time of day stats help you. Study the stats to find out when to offer specials, teleclasses, chats, contests etc.

9. Length of Visits

This critical information can help you find out if people are lingering on your site and taking the time to read the content or if they are clicking a page and leaving almost immediately. Studying this information can help you find where to improve your pages and find ways to get your visitors to stay longer.

10. Error Reports

Find out if people are having trouble accessing any of your pages and getting error codes. With this info, you can correct these errors promptly so people will not leave your site.

Web stats can look overwhelming and seem a daunting task, but it is vital that you learn what all the statistics mean and how to interpret the information they give you. Look at the statistics as a whole to find out the trends but also study the individual stats to see how you can refine your site and your marketing campaigns to bring you more traffic and longer visits to your site, thus increasing the chance for more sales conversions.

Terri Seymour has over twelve years of online experience and has helped many people start their own business. Visit her site for free articles, resources, information, resell ebooks and more. Sign up for the RSS Feed for a free business ebook with MRR. http://www.SeymourProducts.com

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Terri Seymour

Terri Seymour has almost 20 years of internet marketing experience and has helped many people start their own business. Visit her site for free articles, resources, information, resell ebook business opportunity and more. Get three free gifts including The Big Book of Social Media Tips. http://www.SeymourProducts.com


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  • Incredible post and very informative article, being a student of online marketing its very helpful and useful post for me, to understand the vital elements of web status, thanks for this pretty nice sharing.

  • Hi! Your list above is really great I just wanted to get more information on “search phrases.” I have noticed many people get very specific when typing something in Google for instance I had someone search “chunky statement rings” and we came on the second page. Now would it be better for me to add these keywords in my title, or descriptions on my site? Can you go into more depth about this specific topic.
    Thank you! I appreciate your advice!

  • @Laura—if your site sells “Chunky statement rings, then yes…and it also depends on how many people used that search phrase, or something similar. If your site sells these rings, then maybe add this phrase to the title tag on that specific page.

    @Terri—thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m always interested in what other people are saying…especially in this ever changing world of SEO!

  • Excellent list of the essentials, and you provided great descriptions of each one. I wish I had a list like this to look at when I first started trying to figure out how to read the analytics data. It would have saved me a lot of time, frustration, and allowed me to focus on the more important metrics.

  • Web stats are a huge tool to gather the necessary info to fine tune your business. Pretty much know everything about my business, who looked at what item, how long, links coming in, everything you mentioned. Learning to use that information is the hard part. You can also get information from Alexa and my new favorite site http://r-domain.net . They break your info down and tell you everything about everything. Its free and no sign up.

  • Hi Terri, great points you display here and its the area in which many online marketers fail to follow through, track their data, results and conversions so they can tweak their campaigns and website elements to improve their overall goals.

    It is very important so thank you very much for the reminder.

    Best wishes,

  • Great list that everyone should review. I always tell my clients that you need to start with analytics from the beginning because you need data to make informed decisions.

  • now a days am learning about website’s secrets and about, google analytic and web master tool, and your information regarding web sites is incredible and outstanding, and being a seo student its very useful for me.