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Email Marketing – 5 Secrets To Higher Conversion Rates

emailmktgEmail Marketing, although thought by some to be old fashioned, boring and ineffective remains one of the most powerful marketing strategy any small business has to increase its profits.

By changing to an email marketing model from selling to site visitors straight “off the page” it is a very easy matter to increase your sales by 10 times, 16 times or even more than that.

But WHY is… email marketing so profitable… and if it IS so profitable why do so many people claim it doesn’t work?

Well, the answer is simple: most people get their email marketing horribly, horribly wrong and make some simple but easily corrected mistakes.

The facts are inescapable: email marketing works… but you have to be careful to do it the right way, assuming you want the best results. Simply sending “an email” is like going into the boxing ring with a world champion with the advice “just hit him” and hoping to win.

So here are 5 simple ways to make more conversions and hence greater profits from your email marketing:

1. Email more often. I know this goes counter to the advice you’ve probably had in the past, but the truth is the more often you email, the more sales you’ll make.

You’ll make far more sales because you’re both giving them more opportunities and incentives to buy from you, and developing a better relationship with them… and your conversion rates will improve tremendously. By how much?

Well, your business may vary, but in my business and my wife’s business, we get conversion rates of between 10% and 16% through email and maybe 1% from sales straight “off the page”. Yes, you’re seeing that right: it’s a massive boost of 10 or 16 times or 1,000% to 1,600%.

2. Stop being ‘professional’. Forget sending stuffy and formal emails — they don’t work. People want to have a relationship with you, not be addressed as if they were in court standing in front of a judge. So write from one person, one human being to another, using the words, “you” and “me”, even if you’re writing to them from a big corporation.

3. Ditch the fancy designs.
Newsflash: for all sorts of technical reasons we don’t need to worry about here, fancy HTML emails invariably look a real mess at the other end and very few of your readers will see anything even remotely resembling the gorgeous email you put together…look awful in your reader’s email client. if you have images in your emails they simply don’t show up properly and your “standard” HTML formatting is butchered by non-standard interpretation by your email programme.

Either use plain text, or, if you want the best of both worlds, use simply formatted HTML that looks like plain text but allows you to use underline, italic and bold as well as use anchor text in links.

4. Have a specific call to action in every email. Make it a personal rule that every email you send will have a specific action in it you want the reader to take, whether it’s to visit a page and buy something or to do something else. But make sure you have something in EVERY email because you are subconsciously training your readers to take action when you tell them!

5. Write about anything! This is a biggie: most business owners write excruciatingly tedious and boring emails that are nothing more than tired exhortations for people to buy their stuff. Don’t do that. Include all sorts of personal stuff about your life and anything else that comes to mind, including current events, news, that kind of thing.

Remember: you’re trying to form a relationship with them and the best way to do that is to share personal details of you and your journey through life. I’ve written about all manner of things to my list, from my dog messing in the kitchen, to my son passing his karate belt (he has cerebral palsy, so it was even more of an achievement than usual), and I’ve even written about the operation I had on my toe. And my conversion rate is 10% or more!

The truth is if you do it the right way, email marketing is fast, effective and extremely cheap.

These five tips will give you a real running start.

Jon McCulloch is Ireland’s foremost email marketing expert and helps Irish business owners increase their online conversions and sales by as much as 10 or even 16 times (that’s NOT a typo you’re seeing).To discover more about effective email marketing in Ireland download Jon’s FREE audio training, Email Marketing Kick Start:

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  • These tips are extremely beneficial. These are things that anyone can easily do to improve email marketing . It seems self-evident to write what you love, to direct your content toward your community, etc. but these simple goals can often be pushed to the side in pursuit of sheer number of readers.

  • Yeah but the biggest problem is “how do you get a good email list?” building your won takes time. Never mind the whole chicken and egg thing.

  • Oh dear, and I would be the odd ball that would unsubscribe from your email list post haste. I hate frequent / chatty emails from sites I’ve subscribed to because I’m busy and I want that stuff to have a point and get to it quickly.

  • I agree with Marty. Most people these days will not be fooled by the fake friendly chat. Better be upfront with your message. You could lose a lot of people who don’t find your big toe very interesting.