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September 2, 2011

The Low-Down on Local Places Listings

Though the World-wide-web is often praised as the foundation for globalization, and links us across countries and continents, new developments have shown the relevance of emphasizing the local places listings and other local aspects of internet marketing.

How to SEO is Over. Local Places Listings are in. Facebook Check-in, the rise of Foursquare and Yelp, and the popularity of Google Places listings and Google Maps establish this point.

There are several main aspects to your local business listings: local directories and your business address; the content of your local listing and customer reviews.

Let us look at each of these in greater detail.

Local Directories and Address

Your address is vital as it indicates where you are positioned and which other places of business are in your area. Needless to say your location is crucial for prospects to find you and for the listing to be shown to potential buyers in your region. Your listing in local directories, such as the online telephone book or White Pages, Yelp for the US, the United kingdom and Germany, or TrueLocal for Australia, will automatically be recognized by search engine spiders and typically syndicated to other listings. By way of example Google Places draws on data from most of these directories and shows them in the final search results. Most of the time, local directory listings are created by other people, but they do need to be owner-verified. Thus, if you see your organization listed somewhere and you didn’t set-up the listing, don’t be anxious, simply go through the steps to claim the listing, or get in touch with the directory directly.

Content of Your Local Listing

The content of your local listing is critical because it demonstrates what types of products you provide. First, be selective when you choose your classification and the key terms for your business – these are the elements your ideal customers are searching for. In the listing itself you want to give your potential customers the right amount of info – neither too much nor too little. You may consider adding photographs and video clips if you have them available – the more your potential shoppers can discover about you, the better.

Customer Reviews

A truly impressive feature of local business listings is the ability to post a review. These days it is supported by most local directories and can either be great for the owner of a listing, or horrible. Nonetheless, potential prospects are much more likely to make contact with you if they find out that others have been pleased with your service. And on top of that, many times your listing will appear more frequently than others if you have more reviews. That suggests implementing a strategy to ask past and current customers to post a review is very important.

In the event that you’re receiving undesirable feedback, make certain you react to the critic as soon as possible – they may simply have a little difficulty that you can sort out swiftly and easily. And even if it’s a more substantial issue, you will know what your customers think of you and what you can do to improve your company.

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