Why Are 95% Of Internet Marketers Unsuccessful?

marketingIt’s an unnerving fact, but of all potential internet marketing wannabees, only 5% go on to sell products and make a success of their ventures. There is a huge drop-out rate with the vast majority failing to make it even past the first hurdle.

Why do so many people give up before they’ve barely begun? These figures are in stark contrast to those published for more traditional business start-ups. According to statistics published by the Small Business Administration (SBA), seven out of ten new employer establishments survive at least two years and 51 percent survive at least five years. This is a far cry from the previous long-held belief that 50 percent of businesses fail in the first year and 95 percent fail within five years.

So why the big difference? One of the key factors is the ease with which internet businesses can be started. What are your initial outgoings? – a simple website, a product, a domain name, a hosting company, an autoresponder? All of these can be collated for less than $500. If you’re not even willing to do this simple stage yourself, then there are many, many ‘gurus’ who will offer to set up sites on your behalf.

Compare this with a traditional business owner. They will have to find premises, source all of the stock, possibly find employees, arrange for accountants and lawyers to look after the financial and legal side of things… and the list goes on. I’ve just done some “back of an envelope” calculations for starting up a new traditional business, and the figures are a little eye-watering! One time start-up expenses would be in the region of $40,500, with monthly ongoing costs in the region of $12,000. Assuming that it may take 6 months to get established and consistently find customers, then the total start-up costs for the first six months amounts to $112,500!

Let’s just put the two figures side-by-side. $500 for an internet business start-up and $112,500 for a traditional business start-up. Guess who’s going to be more committed to their business!

The key word here is ‘investment’. The more you’re willing to invest in your business, the more willing you will be to stick with it and really give it your best shot. Who in their right mind would be willing to throw away $112,500? In contrast, giving up a $500 internet business is no great loss.

It frustrates me when I receive emails from wannabee internet marketers who quibble about paying $197 for a product that could really launch them into a profitable online business. Get real! – if you’re really committed to your internet dream then do your homework, shop around a bit and then make a commitment.

I speak here from experience. One of my passions is trading on the foreign exchange markets and stock exchanges. When I first started I looked for the cheapest system available, and ended up purchasing a number of these, all $50 or less. Without exception the systems were complete and utter rubbish!

After months of frustration it began to dawn on me (I’m a slow learner!) that if I continued to pay peanuts then I would continue to get monkeys. I therefore spent some time looking for the best system and eventually invested over $3000 in a suitable product. I can honestly say that I have not been disappointed – the level of support and training has been fantastic, and I have an effective system that will continue to generate an income for me.

Recently I made a similar decision with my internet marketing. For years I dabbled, and purchased many ‘products’ that were more or less scams. I then found a system being offered by some guys I know well and trust, invested a significant amount of money, and my marketing has gone from strength to strength.

It hasn’t been easy, but because of my investment I am willing to make the necessary commitment of time and effort.

So what about you? Are you still trying to get your business started ‘on the cheap’? Or are you willing to do your homework and make an investment in your future? Do you want to be one of the 5% who succeed, or are you going to continue failing and remain in the 95%? I think that the answer is obvious, but at the end of the day it’s got to be your decision. I wonder what you’ll decide to do?

Graham Bray is an enthusiastic internet marketer, and for nearly five years he has been developing websites as part of his Multiple Income Pathways. To learn more about internet marketing and how you can download newsletters, training videos and a *free audio recording and transcript* visit his blog at

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  • I would say the reason most people fail at becoming successful online marketers is because they haven’t discovered their “WHY”. If they’re motivation is money, they’ve already lost before starting their venture as entrepreneurs. Money is the result of what we do, not the “WHY”. When someone discovers what truly motivates them, be it their family or having the freedom to live life as they choose, etc.. they are more likely to persist and stay the course regardless of the hurdles in front of them.

  • When it comes to selling online, it is a must to have competent sales writing skills.

    Design and looks do count – but when it comes to the actual sale – it is the words on the page that do all of the heavy lifting.