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September 12, 2011

Why Use Social Media As Part Of Your Marketing Plan

You most likely are making use of social media to keep in touch with your friends and family but did you know that you can use social media as part of your marketing plan? Do you know the benefits of using social media as part of your marketing plan?

As a small business owner, this type of marketing can certainly draw traffic to your site and then clients to your business. It is a great tool for building a targeted, responsive list. And yet, where do you start with social media and exactly how involved do you need to get?

If you want to grow your business and start increasing your client database, social media is your least expensive and fastest approach to take. Here are three quick ways to get you started in your social media marketing plan.

Utilize LinkedIn to Develop Your Client Base

– First, you should create a real interesting profile for your company and in the interests section, you will want to use your best keyword phrases.

– Make sure that should you have a blog and put the link to your blog in your profile. This is a good method for people to find out just who you are as well as what your company is all about.

– Put your client list into relevant groups and start communicating with them.

– Utilize LinkedIn as a way to recruit clients for your business and also to get your message out there.

Utilize Facebook to Promote Your Business

– Create groups in Facebook and interact with those groups regularly.

– If you are submitting content to article submission sites, some of these directories have areas where you can place your Facebook and Twitter facts. Then, every time you submit an article to the directory, the directory will instantly publish your post on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

– If your group members and clients have Facebook pages, make comments on their pages. Assist and address their inquiries.

– Make “friends” with others in your niche topic area

Just keep in mind, when you are making use of social media sites for business, building a very good relationship with your friends is more crucial compared to the quantity of friends you have. As you increase your Facebook friends list and converse with your clients frequently, you will see internet traffic increase to your internet site.

Make use of Twitter to Increase Your Business Presence in Social Media

– Utilizing Twitter, you’ll want to generate lists which are specific to particular topics and you’ll need to join lists that have to do with your topic.

– A good suggestion for Twitter exposure is to give away a weekly report on your theme. Don’t forget to include a “Please Re-Tweet” or an RT so that people will spread your information throughout the web.

– Utilize the # hashtags and follow people where appropriate.

Some recommendations when starting to use your social media marketing plan:

1. Don’t invest a great deal of time on the social media sites. Only spend about 15 minutes or so on each site.

2. Your daily approach should be to make good and related comments on good and related posts. Remember to use images.

3. Grow relationships with your followers and gather your own friends with your opt-in pages.

4. Don’t neglect your picture, a professional picture, on your pages. Those who use social media sites want to see who they are corresponding with.

In summary, social media sites should be part of your business marketing plan. The thing to remember is to build strong relationships with people but not to invest lots of time doing it. Just begin small and let go from there.

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