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September 12, 2011

Write A Press Release and Get Backlinks

Your aim, by crafting a press release, is to get publicity. But there is a way of doing this while ensuring that you get something else that can be valuable to you. I am talking about pushing your website up the search engine rankings. So here is a fantastic marketer’s tip: Always make sure that you send your press release out to the online press release websites. The extra bonus that you can gain from doing this is that while you are displaying your press release to the media, in the hope that they decide to run a story based on it, should they not bother to do so you still win! You see you will be spreading backlinks on the web that are great for SEO and loved by the search engines. Your website needs all sorts of links coming into it and these sort are well worth having in the scheme of things.

The press release should always be a major component of your public relations strategy and as such it should be used wisely. When you begin to plan your piece start by thinking of the five “Ws” that you are going to write about. I am referring to the Who, the What, the When, the Where and the Why. These are so important to the success of the press release because failing to consider them can make the whole exercise a total waste of your time.

Most press pieces are written and distributed by talented PR professionals; but don’t let this put you off as it is certainly not beyond the ability of someone with a good command of English to write one for themselves. Simply aim to keep the following key points in mind as you write.

My Top 12 Tips for Writing a Killer Press Release

1. Capture the media’s attention with a short and punchy first paragraph. It must communicate the ‘5 ‘Ws’ and the rest of the press release should be used to expand on them. The main purpose of any press release should be to inform the media about something newsworthy. It should never be used as simply a means of selling your product, that is the job of an advert. Of course, making sales is a wholly honourable by-product of the press release, but not its main function.

2. Always use your keywords in the title because this is what will give you the SEO juice as it duly spreads across the internet.

3. Avoid, however, any temptation to go after longtail keywords in the title.

4. When writing, always use the third person and never ever use “I”.

5. To add some weight to the press release use quotations to communicate your key message in a lively way. Advice that I was given was to quote in a tone that conveys how ‘thrilled’ or ‘excited’ you are to be announcing the news.

6. Verbosity is a killer – write only between 300 and 800 words as a rule.

7. Compose a press release that is newsworthy and not simply a page of hype. Are you sure that what you are writing about can be considered as news? If it’s not really interesting, or exciting news, then don’t bother the press with it because they are certainly not going to be amused. Also, make sure that you can always back up any claims that you have made in the press release.

8. Everyone loves a story, whether it’s about your business or specific people.

9. Target your audience or niche by personalizing your press release.

10. If you are able to, use hyperlinked anchor text in the body. The search engines like this type of backlink.

11. Add images, videos and audio that relate to your product to give it an edge.

12. Lastly, at the bottom of the press release do remember to include your full name, phone number, mobile and email
address so that the media can contact you. This strategy should get you backlinks and the chance of media interest in your newsworthy item.

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