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September 16, 2011

Apple Store Mobile POS Payment Technology Gaining Momentum – A SPN Exclusive Article

Businesses Large and Small Clamoring for New Technology

The advent of mobile technology and the iPad in particular, along with other tablets, have ushered in an era of innovative solutions in the retail space that is revolutionizing how people shop, buy, sell and even communicate.

Innovative mobile solution developers such as ABC Mobile Pay are helping to blaze the trail by providing a robust mobile POS payment solution that enables merchants of any size from large national chain stores to small ‘mom-and-pop’ stores to capture payments on iPads, iPods, iPhones, Windows devices (Android devices by summer’s end) and almost any other mobile device.

What is exciting to both large Level 1 national merchants, with yearly transaction volumes of over the 20 million mark, and to small ‘mom-and-pop’ stores that process under a million transactions a year, is that they can utilize this technology to increase sales and profits by employing POS features traditionally found only in large national chain stores, the cost of such systems being so high that most smaller merchants can’t even consider their use.

Although large national merchants such as Apple, have already begun using the technology in their national retail stores, others like Sketchers are rumored to be rolling out an in-store mobile POS payment solution by the end of the year. Yet others such as Best Buy are stirring up the rumor pot even more, by shopping for payment devices that are only used in the mobile market, according to a source in the payments industry that shall remain anonymous, per their request.

The technology brings merchants POS features such as inventory control and product barcode scanning, customer-relationship-management (CRM) software, email and text message marketing, and signature & photo capture embedded on receipts. It also delivers audio and video entertainment and promotional messaging through the POS and streams to anywhere on site.

Perhaps most exciting to Level 1 and Level 4 merchants alike is the fact that the solution will work flawlessly with any legacy software system and it will seamlessly connect to any back-end bookkeeping or accounting system such as QuickBooks, Sage, SAP, Oracle, Peachtree and many more.

The solution is customizable for niches such as the restaurant space for pay-at-the-table, where the menu can also be displayed on a mobile device such as an iPad. When the bill comes, the device can be handed over to the patron, who then swipes the card, signs right on the device and emails or prints them a receipt. All of it is done very safely, easily and as quickly as a handshake.

Rick Berry is President/CEO of ABC Mobile Pay, a merchant services provider and a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo, N.A. Over the last decade Rick has earned the title of ‘Expert’ in the payments space and the mobile technology arena while developing customized products and services for the mobile payments sector.

ABC Mobile Pay brings a robust mobile POS payment solution to retailers and wholesalers of all types and sizes around the world like the one in use at retail Apple stores. | 877-258-5223 | |