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September 16, 2011

How You Can Make A List Using Facebook

Nearly every one of you have heard the saying, “the money is in the list”. That is very true today and will be for the foreseeable future. Having a great subscriber list is a fantastic way to let people know as soon as you have updated your website or your blog and as you you have new products or services which they may very well be interested in. Maybe you have a new product and need to get the word out fast. Facebook is a good means to do that. If using Facebook is a great method of getting your message out and building your subscriber list is the ideal way to make money, how can you combine the two? How can you use Facebook to create a great subscriber list?

The conventional way that a business person gets people to subscribe is by placing a sign up form on their website. This usually is a fantastic way to get subscribers, but there’s a different way that’s even better. This is a strategy for anyone who wish to use Facebook in conjunction with building your list.

First, Create your Facebook Page

Of course, this is the first thing that you need to do. If you do not have a Facebook page yet, you should head over to Facebook pages to start creating your page. In case you are unsure what you want your page to look like, browse different business Facebook pages to generate some ideas.

This way you will see precisely how the page is structured as well as what you would like to include on it. Don’t forget to include links to your website from this page.

When people visit your Facebook page, you would like to have them sign up to be a subscriber. It’s alright to request that they ‘like’ your page, however it is much more effective to have them sign up. Having them sign up gives you their email address. So, how should you get people to register when they are on your Facebook page?

Create a Facebook Subscriber List

It is possible to build a subscriber list that is only associated with your Facebook page. This way, when you send something out to your subscriber list, you are also able to put the notification on your Facebook page. Then, those people who have ‘liked’ your page will receive the notice in their feeds. If they happen to be interested by your articles, that will bring them back to your Facebook page.

You can also send visitors to your website from your Facebook page by giving a free report or free ebook. It is possible to put the notification on your page and then direct people to your website to subscribe on your subscriber form to then get your free report.

This method is absolutely better than just having people ‘like’ your page because they’re registering on your subscriber form so you then have their email address.

However, sometimes it is a bit more difficult to get others to leave your Facebook page and then actually sign up for your free report on your website. The easiest way could be for you to combine the two approaches. Use your traffic campaigns to get people to your Facebook page and after that occasionally put an invitation on your page to tell people about your freebie if they head over to your website and register. Again, you need to test to see what will give you the results you want as well as what will work for your business.

So, how will you use Facebook to build your list? Offer your visitors both opportunities. Offer your visitors who like to hear what is happening with your business the opportunity to ‘like’ your page and after that use their feeds for updates and also offer your visitors the opportunity to go to your website to sign up as a subscriber and receive a free ebook or report. Just test what is best for your target market.

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