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September 16, 2011

What Is A Security Certification?

Sometimes it seems like everything in our lives today rotates around the internet. It does not matter if you are talking about your home life or work life. It does not matter if you are talking about paying your bills online, shopping or working with colleagues who are not located within the same facility. Everything revolves around the internet. The natural result from the internet explosion is that the fields of security certification and security training have also exploded.

People sometimes get very confused about the certification process as it relates to computers and the online world. That is because people do not know a lot about the details; they just hear stories about how the internet is a bad place. As the internet has become more popular, it also means hackers have spent more time and money on trying to find easy ways to cause problems.

Every time you turn on the television, you hear another story about a major company who had their computer system hacked into. This type of activity gives the hackers access to critical personal data that can cost each person thousands of dollars. Another big scandal that has been in the news a great deal is the recent “wiki leaks” issue.

There is no question about it, both individuals and businesses all over the world are more concerned than ever about computer security. This concern is what makes the world of certifications for security a growing trend.

There are actually two different meanings for this term, and that is what makes it so difficult for people to understand the difference. Both meanings are about protecting the uses on the website or system.

One of the meanings is for a seal of some kind that can be put on a website to show that it is protected from hackers. It shows anyone who is using your system or your website that you have taken all of the required steps to protect everything about them. If you are on a site, you should check that it has this type of certification. If it does, you can be confident that any personal information that you input into the system is as protected as possible from hackers who may try to break in. It also shows that the system is protected from spreading viruses of some kind to your own computer. If you have your own website, it is important that you get this kind of a certificate so that you can display it on your site. If you do not have it, your visitors will lose confidence and will be much less likely to do business with you. This certification should be considered mandatory.

The other type of certification is given to people. These are the people who do the work to allow your site to be certified. There are many different types of certifications and many different levels. In order to get your personal certification, you must obtain and pass different classes. The higher level certifications will require you to take multiple classes.

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