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September 22, 2011

F-Commerce | Revolutionising the Way We Buy Online

Social Innovations, the Manchester based Social Media Experts have released the latest version of their revolutionary F-Commerce plug-in. SIIP (Social Innovations Interactive Plug-in) is an application that allows an E-commerce site to be replicated into Facebook.

SIIP intelligently targets users by interests, events and likes that are posted on their Facebook pages, this means that businesses who utilise the plug-in can actively target users on aspects such as the music, books or movies they like, where they like to go on holiday, birthdays and other general demographic information such as age and location.

This means that the site, once incorporated into Facebook will present relevant products to the user based around their interests and likes.

The application also has the facility to incorporate a separate section for ‘Facebook Offers’ giving the user the incentive to use the interactive f-commerce plug-in.

SIIP also allows users to leave reviews on products, recommend products to friends and buy products without ever leaving Facebook. The above means that products and services can be promoted virally, very quickly.

Due to the innovative advertising features built into the application, such as publishing products to walls and news feeds, posting purchases and reviews to walls / news feeds this not only helps companies to cross and up sell products to existing and new customers, but it also helps in naturally listing the site on all the usual search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

As many vendors who opt to have their E-commerce site replicated on Facebook offer incentives for users to buy on the site, a user feels they are getting value for money.

As mentioned above, the plug-in also allows vendors to advertise ‘Facebook Offers’ which in some cases may be similar products on their usual E-commerce site, or in other cases vendors such as Vicky Martin offer lines that are not available anywhere else, so in essence the items become Facebook exclusives.

Social Innovations believe that SIIP will revolutionise the way we buy online and also the way that retailers can promote their products and services using the world’s largest Social Network.

The value to retails will be unprecedented due to the ‘opt in’ marketing aspect of SIIP which will not only help promotion of products but more importantly sales!

This article was written by Social Innovations the experts in Social Commerce. Social Innovations is located at