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September 22, 2011

Why Should One Have a Website? – A SPN Exclusive Article

A website is a simple collection of web pages consisting of images, videos or other digital assets. The data of the website is hosted on a web server that is accessible via the internet. All websites join the World Wide Web where the data can be accessed all over the globe.

There are so many reasons as to why one should have a website. Some of the following genuine reasons are cited below.

• Marketing: it is the best way to compliment an existing marketing plan. One can tell customers or people about their business’s services and the word of mouth advertising becomes easier.

• Educate: a website is also used to educate clients about what a businessman can do for them. Whilst giving information about the businessman himself, the business man can educate the customers about why they need these services.

• Leadership: Companies, who follow the online strategies, find themselves in a leadership position. It helps increase exposure in the global marketplace. Companies ignore the risk of having the web run of existing competitors and exploit the web to their own advantage.

• 24/7 Access: owning a website helps broaden one’s business. The internet offers an efficient way of helping customers compare prices and shop online. If the competition is online, then the business man or representatives have to be online as well. Customers sit online 24 hours a day even if the business hours for the day close.

• Resources: surfing online helps reach new and potential clients as the website gives all the information required about the business. Online customers have immediate resources for references and referrals.

• Interaction with Customers: there isn’t any other way to keep customers from coming back. Through the website, a business man can interact with his or her clients. The businessman can also interact with them through newsletters, polls, surveys, chat rooms etc. It shows how much the businessman cares about his clients and it is one of the best ways to keep them coming back.

• Instant Legitimacy:
as a client, one must know about the company, the product is bought from and it runs a respected business. A well designed business leads to increase in business sales.

• Survey Your Audience: the website is a two-way interactive communication street. When a client or customer visits the website, they read up about the products and services and information given. A businessman can handle is potential customer base by setting up a survey to find out what the clients want and need.

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