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8 Best Places For Building Authoritative One-Way Links

linkbuildingFor any online webmaster or marketer, two things will consume most of your time: rankings and traffic. Usually, these two objectives will go hand-in-hand, the higher your rankings the more traffic you will receive. However, as you probably already know, getting higher rankings and traffic can be somewhat difficult.

One of the best ways to achieve both, is to build one-way links from existing authoritative sites on the web.

Now, let’s be honest, building quality one-way links will take some effort and time on your part. However, this can be done much quicker if you know exactly where to look for those authoritative sites or places which will let you create links back to your site.

Here are some good places or sources for Authoritative One-Way link building:

1. Press Releases

Press releases have become what article marketing was just a few years ago… excellent way to get quality one-way links back to your site. You can use both free and paid press releases to get your message out. Many marketers have had success with PRweb, but it can be somewhat costly but highly worth it. A well written press release will usually get picked up and displayed on numerous niche-related sites, boosting both your traffic and rankings.

2. Wikipedia Type Sites

Such places as Wikipedia and Google Knol are also excellent sources of quality one-way links. These can also give you those all important in-content links, as well as links in the resource section of the article. Everything will be theme focused, so your links will carry more PageRank juice in the eyes of Google.

3. Powerful .edu and .gov Link

Mainly because they are seen as non-commercial and coming from prestige sites or institutions, .edu and .gov links are some of the most effective and powerful one-way backlinks you can receive. Try to go out of your way to build these types of links for your site. For example, if you went to a college or university, try getting links from any Alumni pages. If your college has a newsletter section, try to get links there.

4. How To Sites

Yes, we know, Google with its Panda Update and countless follow-up changes to its algorithm, have hit these kinds of sites hard. But the quality ones are still great places to build one-way links. Often if you write a great how-to guide in your niche and place it on these sites, you will get an instant page one Google listing. For starters, try sites like eHow and Squidoo.

5. DoFollow Social Sites and Profiles

If you haven’t noticed, the web has gone social. Some of the best places for authoritative one-way links are in these social networking/bookmarking sites and profiles, especially if you build up your followers and subscribers. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+… will all give you opportunities to build your one-way links.

6. Memberships and Testimonials

You must always be pro-active when it comes to link building, so go out of your way to get links from any memberships you may belong to. Also, giving testimonials for your favorite site or product can be another excellent way to get authoritative links as these links are usually displayed on the main/index page of a site.

7. Embedded Videos/Slideshows/Software

Many webmasters have had great success by using embedded software, videos, awards, slideshows… to create one-way links back to their sites. For example, just look at how builds its backlinks. You can try something similar or use that program to share your content and build your own links.

8. Site And Blog Commenting

While many sites are cracking down or making all their links NoFollow… commenting on blog and sites is still an effective way to get those backlinks. Many online marketers create Google Alerts for their targeted keywords and when any related links are indexed in Google, they get an email. They then thoroughly check out those links to see if it is worth their while to make a comment.

There you have it, some of the best places to help you build your all important authoritative one-way links. Many marketers simply take a few minutes of each day to build these types of links back to their sites. Over time these links will increase and you will receive more traffic and higher rankings as a direct result of these powerful one-way links.

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