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October 17, 2011

Seo Friendly E Commerce: Is Your Ecommerce Software SEO Friendly? – A SPN Exclusive Article

Everybody agrees that ecommerce software is invaluable in any online business. However it can even be more useful to you if it is SEO (search engine optimization) friendly.

And that is one of the reasons why it is very important for you to find out whether your ecommerce software is capable of attracting traffic from popular search engines like Google, or not.

These days we have lots of ecommerce software on the market. Some of it costs a fortune while we even have free software or at least where you can use it for free on a trial basis of 30 days. Sadly most entrepreneurs who purchase this software are just concerned that the very basic functions work. We are talking about functions like the shopping cart and ability to process credit card payments online. Once they satisfy themselves that the software can achieve these basic requirements then they are completely happy about their ecommerce software and will never raise any other questions.

However they miss the point completely. The most important function in your ecommerce software is its’ ability to allow your pages to attract valuable targeted traffic from search engines. How else will you be able to achieve and sustain a high volume of prospects landing on your web pages? Like any other business, online enterprise is a numbers game. Meaning that the more people who land on your pages, the higher the number of those who will ultimately purchase something from you.

Being SEO friendly starts with your URLs. You will have a huge advantage if your urls can be keyword filled so as to boost you rankings with search engines. Improving your rankings will obviously increase the targeted traffic landing on your pages directly from search engines.

The shopping cart is also very important.. Most ecommerce software packages use query string parameters to display all products through a single page. This is disastrous as far as search engine traffic goes. For starters it dramatically limits your Google rankings and indeed rankings with other leading search engines. What you need is ecommerce software that includes relevant keyword text in the separate product pages generated.

Ecommerce software that is SEO friendly should be able to automatically generate page titles, meta tags alt text and URL of every page that ensures the best search engine placement. It should also allow you to skip automatic settings. This is the best environment for SEO to thrive and win you ecommerce site valuable traffic directly from search engines. Equally important a function should be an ability to “remove” long control names in the HTML mark up. What this does is that it usually results in a higher keyword to mark up ratio which will definitely impact negatively on your SEO and traffic from search engines.

Many online entrepreneurs have experienced the horror of suddenly losing all their traffic. The reason being that Google will always drop all existing links if visitors receive a 404 File not found error when they try and access your pages. You need ecommerce software that allows for easy re-directs.

Andrea Berretti – Marketing Manager of eBizzers International. Taking the trouble to ensure that ecommerce software is SEO friendly is definitely worth the trouble. Try eBizzers Cart for free 30 days, your new Seo friendly E-commerce solution at