5 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing SEO Content Writing – A SEO-News Exclusive Article

spn_exclusiveDon’t let the $2 offers fool you – buying SEO content is a big deal, and it’s not something you can cut corners with. After all, on the world wide web, your content is the only way that people can find out more about you. Whether you want to build up your reputation, get people to sign up for your email list, or sell your product, you’re going to need SEO content to do it.

And it has to be good.

Thanks to the Panda updates, Google is taking a harder stance on content now than it ever has before. But even setting Google aside, people aren’t going to take you seriously if you can’t even string a coherent sentence together. After all, people look for all kinds of reasons to avoid spending their hard-earned money. Mix up “to” and “too”, and you’ve just given them the excuse they need NOT to buy from you.

Because SEO content is so important to succeeding out on the world wide web, you may be looking to outsource your writing. Maybe you’re not a very good writer. Maybe you just don’t like to write very much. Maybe you have a million other things to do, and you don’t have time to stare at a blank Word document.

Whatever the reason, paying a professional to handle your SEO content writing duties can be a very good thing for your business. It can also be a very bad thing.

Hire the wrong content writing service, and you’re stuck with content that doesn’t get results. Or worse, content that makes you and your business look bad.

So how do you know if the content writing service you’re about to do business with is a good one?

Don’t spend a dime until you get the answers to these 5 questions:

1. What Kind Of Credentials Do You Have?

Writing is a natural talent, just like cooking, singing, or painting a portrait. If you don’t have the natural-born ability to write, the odds of you ever being very good at it are slim. Sure, you can take classes and try to improve your writing skills, but the SEO content that jumps off the page and makes readers take action comes from people who are born with an ability to write.

Of course, simply having an ability to write isn’t good enough. A good writer will have the resume to back it up. Having a college degree in communications or having prior job experience in something like journalism proves that your SEO content writer knows his stuff.

Furthermore, when you hire an SEO content writing service, part of what you’re paying for is the writer’s expertise. Credentials mean the difference between being able to charge $20 for an article or $2 for an article.

Think of it this way! For the hour or so that it takes your writer to work on your content, you are “renting” their expertise. By hiring someone with the right credentials, you’re getting more bang for your buck – even if you’re paying a higher price. After all, isn’t $20 for a college-educated writer with years of experience a better buy than $2 for someone who doesn’t even speak English as their native language?

2. What Information Do You Need From Me?

A good SEO content writing service will make things very easy for you. Expect to provide some basic information when you place your order – like your target keywords and any special instructions that you might have. Good writers will likely also want to take a look at your website before they begin, so that they can see what kind of style you already have in place. Seeing a website that’s very formal, very casual, or very witty makes a difference in the SEO content that a good service will give you.

If your writer asks for more than those basic things – like title suggestions, or research that’s already been done – he is asking you to do part of his work for him. That is simply unacceptable. You’re paying for a professional service; there’s no need to babysit.

3. How Long Will It Take?

In the world of internet marketing, time really is money! The longer you wait for your article, blog post, or sales copy, the more money you’re missing out on. A good content writing service understands this, and will do whatever it can to accommodate you.

That being said, creating quality SEO content takes time. Depending on the size of your order, expect to wait a couple of days for a finished product. The last thing you want to do is rush your writer; rushing only leads to mistakes.

A professional content writing service will give you an estimate right up front of when you can expect to receive a finished product. If that estimate talks about weeks instead of days, you’re dealing with the wrong people.

4. Do You Do All of the Writing Yourself?

Plenty of internet marketers fall victim to the ol’ bait-and-switch routine when they outsource their SEO content. They talk to someone from a content writing service that says all of the right things – and charges a pretty penny – then passes the work along to writers who aren’t qualified.

That doesn’t mean that you have to go with an SEO content writer who handles everything himself. In fact, that can lead to problems if he gets bogged down with other orders. (Remember, time is money.)

A good content writing service will have a team of experienced people to fulfill orders. However, there will also be strict quality control measures in place to make sure that every client gets a finished product that is perfect.

5. What Do I Do if I Have Questions?

A good SEO content writing service won’t just write well; it will also have great customer service. True professionals will encourage you to contact them with any questions – whether it’s before you place your order, while you’re waiting on a finished product, or after your order is complete.

A former award-winning journalist, Nicole Beckett spent more than a decade writing for newspapers, TV stations, and websites around the country. She knows what it takes to create content that makes people stand up and take notice. Now, as the owner of Premier Content Source, Nicole specializes in SEO content writing that gets results.

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Nicole Beckett knows that content marketing will always play a huge role on the web.  That's why she spends her time helping business owners come up with the very best strategies.  Find out how she can take your web content to the next level by visiting Nicole and the team of journalists at Premier Content Source.


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  • Hooray! Thank you for writing this. Freelance writing has really taken a hit because many sites have lost a lot of money because of Panda and have let a lot of writers go. This has caused many good paying writers to be out of work and these sites to go towards writers who work for low low low pay. Thank you for making a case for those of us who just can’t write for the penny a word… Thank you.

  • You are very welcome, Marcelina! Unfortunately, at super-low rates, the writer’s focus goes from creating something of value to simply “churning something out” in order to make a profit. People may think they’re saving a bunch of money by purchasing cheap content, but it’s very likely COSTING them alot of buyers!

  • Nicole, while this is a good article I will disagree with you on one point.

    Writing is a skill. Like any skill, some people might be born with a natural talent for it, but anyone can learn to do it if they are willing to put in the effort and keep working on it.

    Other than that, I agree with you completely.

  • Daniel, I definitely agree that you can get much better at writing by putting in the effort (after all, that’s why college journalism classes are so important!). However, I believe that you have to be born with some kind of natural ability to truly be successful at it. It’s no different than being born with the ability to draw. Sure, you might take art classes to develop your talent – but if you simply can’t draw to begin with, it doesn’t matter how many classes you take – you’re never going to be a famous artist! 🙂