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The Proper Use Of Your Website’s Tagline – A SPN Exclusive Article

spn_exclusiveIt’s not so often that I will write on a subject that I am particularly well-versed in without using specific data to back it up (Well, I will use one example!). This article really is designed to take someone new to the World Wide Web, and “catch” them in time to create the proper tagline for their new site.

A site tagline is basically its sub-title. Before we hit directly on the subject, let’s take a step back and start with the domain name. Finding the most suitable domain name for your niche target is critical. However, with so many sites on the web, you may not come away with exactly what you were looking for. Let’s use my SEO Firm’s domain as an example.

Back about, well, almost 5 years ago now, I knew very little about SEO specifically. I was however, doing article marketing, ghost writing, and even a few ebooks here and there. I quickly learned what it took to catch the eye of search engines. In venturing out on my own, being from the middle area of South Carolina, I decided on Now just who in the world would ever make a search related to this domain? Yes, I showed-up for the single keyword “freelance” somewhere along page 3 or 4 of Google. Where am I going with this?

As time progressed and I built a solid foundation and had branded myself as a pretty good copywriter (and some web content as well), I decided to venture out into the world of SEO. It always seemed to me that the written word was ultimately the “kicker” for winning over true followers and Google. The question was, “How would I get my website on page one with this domain name?” My image was branded, article after article was published with some sort of reflection on Mid Carolina Freelance. I couldn’t dump it now. This is where the site tagline comes into play.

In the process of “re-developing” Mid Carolina Freelance, I decided on a new CMS (Content Management Solution). Since I am a WordPress lover at heart (and I believe that Google is too), I went with a business portfolio theme, allowing for a professional static home page. This allowed me to do several things.

First, I was able to “rebrand” myself with the meta title “Mid Carolina Freelance – A Complete SEO Firm.” The landing page content also read this way in a smooth and natural way…not “stuffed.” So, what was the result?

Mid Carolina Freelance has remained the number two ranked position on page one of Google for two years for various keywords. Of 200,000,000 SERPs, it is number two, page one for “complete seo” and of 42,000,000 SERPs, it is number two, page one as well.

So, the point of this article is to make sure that in the development stage of your site, do your homework. By simply typing in various combinations of keywords that pertain to your niche, you can see how and why it needs to be tweeked. Don’t “spam” your own title tagline. Make it a smooth blend of keywords that could make a search engine match in various ways.

For example, if you just bought, while it may be cute, don’t use a trendy tagline for your site that no one will ever choose. Try to use 3 to 4 words (but no more than 4…too spammy). You already have the keyword “kennel” in your main title, so now you need to find a smooth flow of what essentially is a long-tail keyword. Going back to my tagline – “A Complete SEO Firm.” It is found by “Complete SEO,” “Complete SEO Firms,” and “SEO Firms.” All blended variations of my tagline.

Hopefully this article will help you along in your new ventures into the World Wide Web. Whether you are creating an e-commerce site or a blog, make sure you choose the correct and search engine optimized tagline for your site.

Bryan P. Hollis is the owner and founder of Mid Carolina Freelance, LLC – A Complete SEO and Online Marketing Firm located in South Carolina. He also develops Linux web and email servers. Additionally, he is the founder of Blog Interact, a rapidly growing blogger’s network and a ‘dofollow’ bookmarking site.

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