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wp-bigIf you are having trouble in keeping up with all of your blogs and sites, you might want to consider using a WordPress manager. Obviously, WordPress has become one of the most used platforms when it comes to website and blog design. But what if you actually own dozens of sites or even more? That would be a big problem for you right?

Wrong, the solution to your problem is through the use of a WordPress manager.

A WordPress manager is a software designed to help you manage ALL of your WordPress sites, blogs and their respective domains all from one single location. In a sense it becomes the dashboard for all of your site’s dashboards. That easily allows monitoring all your sites’ statistics, editing and uploading content, and even uploading all the themes and plugins that you use for all your sites.

Take note that this can all done within the program. It simply means that you won’t have the difficulty of constantly jumping from one site to another just to check and to do all the maintenance work that needs to be done. These are just some of the benefits that you’ll be able to avail from using a WordPress manager.

But, that’s not all the benefits that you’ll be able to get from this tool. Here are 3 of the many features of a WordPress Manager that would help improve your website and blogging activities. Those features are:

1. Multiple Domain Management – With a WordPress manager, you’ll be able to easily create and manage as many sites as you can. As I mentioned earlier, you can easily keep track and even make up to a hundred different domains through your dashboard. Not only that, the program also makes constant checks to see if your domains are still up and running. This drastically shaves off a lot of time that comes with having to manually set up individual domains.

2. Full WordPress Support – What this really mean is that all of the domains that you set up automatically have the latest version of WordPress installed. This also saves you time from having to check if any of your sites have outdated versions of WordPress. Another amazing thing about this feature is that you’d only have to log in once to be able to access ALL of your dashboards. So, you won’t have to constantly keep a pen and paper (or a Notepad window) lying around for taking down any login information. This all goes out of the window when you start using your WordPress manager.

3. Domain Templates – This WordPress manager feature allows you to create templates for all of your different sites. Basically, a template would contain all of the customization features such as desired themes, plugins, PHP scripts and more. Let’s say that you want your blogs to have a particular design, you can set them up that way by setting up the domain templates that you’d want your blogs to have. If you have plans of creating more blog sites in the future, all you need to do is apply the template that you previously used and it’s done. No hassle and no need to worry if the site didn’t turn out the way you wanted it.

If you want to get over the problems with maintaining all your sites, start using a WordPress manager and you’ll definitely see the benefits for yourself.

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