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The Sales Video Script: Your Cash Cow – A SPN Exclusive Article

videomktgThings tend to evolve quickly on the Web, especially in marketing strategies. Techniques that worked great a few short years ago produce little to no results today. What method has proved to be the mainstay cash generating effort?

This is an easy and obvious answer – the sales video script. This is nothing “new” so to speak; sales videos have been growing in use, year after year – but, the script writing for the videos has gotten better and better – year after year.

A great sales page is still a must – but more and more Web sellers are using sales videos to crush their competition. It is no secret – people love video. When it comes to making sales online, the use of great sales videos will only increase.

Whether it be for products, or services, online sales videos have taken the Web by storm, and it is the super tool of the future for successful Internet marketers. The better the content contained within these videos, the better the sales. Conversion rates tend to go through the roof for sales videos that are done really well.

A good sales page may convert visitors at 5 to 7% using copy alone, but when you add a great sales video to the same page – conversion rates go up dramatically. (Some as high as 11 – 38%)

These kinds of numbers sound almost unbelievable, but when you combine all of the right elements into a Web sales campaign, they are not unheard of. A lot of different things can affect your response rates.

One of these things is the quality of the traffic. Visitors who are keenly interested in the content presented convert at much higher rates than passive visitors. To attract these kinds of targeted leads the content must be rich, unique, top quality material, aimed directly at what these viewers are most interested in.

Take for example the “make money from home” niche. This saturated niche is somewhat comprised of many low-grade, poorly written, often plagiarized content. A lot of these “sales” Web sites were seemingly “thrown-up” overnight and sport very little original concept material.

Yet some savvy marketers are absolutely killing it in this arena by providing high quality, top grade, sales videos that are informative, unique, and engaging. The sales video script is a critical component and tends to make or break the success of these sites.

Even a low budget video can still compete to make sales (think you-tube) if the script for the video is crafted by a professional sales writer who knows how to create a powerful script that resonates and strikes a nerve with viewers.

However, it is better still to use moderate-budget video producing equipment that gives higher resolution, less grainy frames, as well as better audio. Using a host site that supports higher bandwidth will allow your videos to appear much more professional looking.

Nevertheless, the script itself is still just about the most important element at work. Just because a video looks better, and sounds better, does not make the message it contains any better (Just easier to hear and look at). If the video script is weak, poorly written and is not compelling – even a professional actor plus a 1080 DPI will not help it to make sales.

By combining two of the most people-favored elements; (a great story, plus video) Web marketers have discovered they can generate very powerful Web Pages to hawk their goods and services.

Having a positive, solid script also gives the narrator a great boost in confidence so they may come off as being personable, and engaging, instead of boring or unsure of themselves.

To give your sales video “teeth” compose your script to address a very specific need your target market has. To keep it personable and believable, speak as though you are sitting right beside your viewers.

Give it a short introduction, but use the audience’s attention wisely by letting the focus of it stay upon them, their needs, and how you, or your product will benefit them directly.

By addressing viewers in this manner, you will keep their attention because they can relate – no one knows what is going on with them better than they do, and when you personify the script to them, they will engage the message.

If the script is all about your business, what you have done, can do, or will do, folks tend to disengage from this kind of script because they feel as though they are being “sold.”

By approaching them in the opposite manner, you will be able to break through the natural “sales barrier” of resistance, most people have set up. Once past this hurdle, you will allow them to “sell themselves.”

Keep your script clear, concise, and short. No one wants to hear an “all about you,” type of pitch – of course they want to hear about what you can do for them, but they would rather hear it from the point of view that concerns the “what is in it for them.”

At the close of the script give them several calls to action such as: “to learn more about how we can help you – call us at,” or “email us,” or “visit our Web site.” The sales video is a great tool that has the potential to reach a huge audience.

The better your script – the more sales you will make, the more leads you will bring in, the greater response you will achieve. Your video script can set the stage to bring in more sales, more leads, and huge rewards for your business.

Most sales videos are poorly produced, unscripted, and fall way short of the potential they have to generate massive response, simply because the producer does not know exactly how much power to “succeed or fail” the script itself has.

Give the next sales video you produce the gusto it needs to be a smashing success, by paying attention to the copy within it.

Your message can “set you apart from the rest,” and have folks scrambling for their credit card.

Is this the type of sales video you want to produce? Great!

Stephen Monday is a Professional SEO, Web Copywriter. Let him craft your video script to maximize your profit potential for your next sales video. Visit his Copywriting site here:

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    You are right. People seek quality content for the results of their queried searches. They are not happy to find the opposite.