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Locating SEO – A SPN Exclusive Article

SEO2As we all know, SEO is evolving by leaps and bounds every day. As we all chase after Google’s meticulous algorithm updates, we continue to find ways to help companies increase their Internet profile, though some of those methods often go under even our radars. Here are a few advanced techniques for SEOs looking for innovative ways to secure links for clients.


The key tenet of SEO is always and has always been relevance. How is your content relevant to the searcher? In the nebulous wilderness of the Internet, it can be hard to find relevance that goes past identifying a searcher’s interest and presenting them with information about that interest. What becomes important is location.

The explosive growth in smartphone sales and innovations in location-based search have led to an expansion of location technologies. Companies like Groupon have capitalized on this by offering street-specific deals through their mobile application Groupon Now. SEOs can also utilize this powerful metric in developing content for clients.

Specific location adds relevance in the eyes of Google. If you were creating content about what to do in Chicago, it would behoove you to mention actual locations within the city. Reference places like Navy Pier, Millennium Park or any of the numerous museums, as long as you do it by name. Not only does this deepen the topic for potential searchers, it increases the amount of searches in which your content will place.

Author clout is becoming increasingly important in Google’s SERPs; the more a certain author has written about a topic, the more clout they will get in search engine rankings. For example, if you and Paul Krugman both write posts for the same blog about economics, he will be ranked higher because he has a long web history of writing about economics (not to mention innumerable links and comments). However, if Krugman and I both wrote posts about Tamagotchi I just may come out on top; my expertise and cataloge of writing about digital egg friends goes back to the early days of the Internet.

Successful SEOs will look at the potential of author clout and begin cultivating relevant experiences in order to build that up for future results.


In a shocking twist of events, Google’s Matt Cutts confirmed that the search engine Now has the ability to execute AJAX/JS to index some dynamic comments. PC World states: “Google bots can now see comments you’ve posted in public forums, which include websites that use the Facebook commenting system, as well as public pages on Facebook itself. Remember–these comments were public to begin with, just not easily searchable.”

Because these comments are now more easily searchable, they can be used as forums to discuss clients and thereby build links to their sites. Webmasters using Java-based commenting systems will likely see a boost in their rankings thanks to user comments that will now be a key element of PageRank. Since comments are indexed, so are commenters, and so active users who comment often will be instrumental in increasing rank as well.

There’s a lot of interesting activity taking over SEO in The Year of the Panda, and it’s all looking like it will lead to the most relevant search results for users and better placement for clients.

Joseph Baker is a freelance writer living in the Midwest. He enjoys working on his novel and drinking large amounts of Earl Grey tea. He writes this article behalf of American InterContinental University.

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