The 10 Anxieties That Put Me in a Tizzie About Facebook

facebook-logoWith over 800 million users worldwide, everyone knows that Facebook is now the hottest social networking internet site to use for online marketing. Many businesses have already taken steps to capitalize on this massive marketing opportunity. But do you know about the problems with Facebook that you should REALLY be concerned about?

Before devoting too much of your marketing budget or even your leisure time to Facebook, you should understand the items on this list of the Top Ten Things About Facebook That Make People Mad.

Facebook, as a website, really doesn’t offer that much if you think about it. I mean, if you’re not into Farmville or Mafia Wars, what does it do? Well, it does allow you to have your private information shared with complete strangers — or even people you know. Do we really want that? Even the navigation is difficult.

Facebook doesn’t support the Open Web, because to access everything you must be a member and logged in. They claim to own all of your data, then do not make it openly accessible to others.

Facebook makes it almost impossible to actually delete your account, so all of your data will remain online even after you deactivate your account.

Facebook is not technically competent when it comes to protecting your data, or else they just don’t care enough to really try. There have been major glitches such as public access of private profiles.

Facebook is tricking their users into giving advertisers information about themselves. They do this by not disclosing how Facebook applications make all of your data accessible not just to Facebook itself but also to developers, who may not even have privacy standards.

Facebook seems to have declared war on privacy protections. Facebook wants to know everything about you, own that data, and then make it available to everybody else on Facebook, including advertisers. They have a stated policy that all data should be available to everybody (your data, that is).

Your supposedly private data is shared with applications, and the developers who write them. Think about it: all your data is shared with applications that you install unknowingly. This make it potentially available to almost anyone.

Facebook has bullied (by suing) people who have had the fortitude to tell the truth about how Facebook shares private data. They don’t want their members to know how much data is really being made available to advertisers, developers and others. So, it appears they do believe in a right to privacy, at least when it comes to their own shenanigans.

Facebook’s CEO has a documented history of unethical behavior. He has been accused of various things in the past but I won’t repeat them here. (That’s what Google is for, right?) Perhaps where there is smoke there is also fire. There are plenty of past indicators of ethical issues surrounding all of Facebook’s operations and dealings with members. Caveat emptor.

Facebook’s Terms Of Service are completely one-sided. They state that not only do they own your data, but if you don’t keep it accurate, they can deactivate your account. This is because they need all the data to be current to be useful to advertisers. So we are all working hard to make more advertising revenue for Facebook! It’s almost like we are Facebook slaves.


I guess I’ve decided that if they terminate my account: so what? I think I can learn to live without Facebook. How about you?

If you want to stay on Facebook, my recommendation is you understand how your data will be used, and be careful about what you post as content or in your profile.

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  • Yes I’m agree with you… I’m also conserned about my privace in Facebook. I know that everything I put in facebook even if I put it private and accessible for only small group of close friends it is not really private so this is the reason I’m not uplouding any personal pictures.

    I could really love to learn to live without Facebook, but by now I can’t do that just becouse of my friends as some of them are in different countries and FB is the way to keep in touch with. Also I noticed that FB has changed the people , they are now spending too much time online, they prefare to chat online rather then go to drink coffee together.

    I share your conserns & people should be more carefull with them accounts and think longer before puting the details of all them life in facebook.

    Thank you for the post I will share it with my friends I think it will wake them up 🙂

    Still the best solution is to learn live without Facebook, I will try…