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3 Things Your SEO Articles Should Be Doing For You – A SPN Exclusive Article

spn_exclusiveIf you’re like me, you probably spend a big part of your time searching for things online and being amazed at some of the SEO articles that pop up. And, if you’re like me, you probably wonder how these “authors” expect you to take their poorly-spun, uninteresting, fluffy “article” seriously!

Remember, writing SEO articles isn’t about “churning out” as many as possible, as quickly as you can. After all, bad SEO articles do serious damage to your credibility – and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Instead, you need to look at SEO articles as a tool that helps you build a brand, helps you market your business, and helps you set yourself apart from the competition. When used correctly, SEO articles actually do a lot of work FOR you.

If you’re writing SEO articles properly (or paying someone to write them for you), the finished product should be doing these 3 things for you:

1. Establishing You as an Expert

When people get to the end of your SEO articles, they should say “wow!” They should be chomping at the bit to visit your website to see what other kind of gems you have to offer, or to learn more about your products and services. They should see you as a “somebody”, instead of like all the “wannabes” out there who just want to make a quick buck off them.

Remember, people look for all kinds of reasons NOT to spend their hard-earned money. But by writing SEO articles that show off your knowledge and expertise, you’re giving people the push they need to crack open their wallets and buy what they need – from you.

2. Getting Syndicated

Writing SEO articles isn’t about using the article directories to get traffic and links. Instead, use the article directories as a platform to get your articles syndicated (or “republished”) on other websites.

Did you know that’s what the article directories were originally created for? Internet marketers have turned the article directories into “link machines”, but each one of them was actually created in order to be a resource for webmasters who needed free content to publish on their own sites.

When you get an article syndicated, it is republished on websites that have targeted traffic. As an added benefit, you’re getting a much higher-quality backlink than you will ever get on the article directories. After all, on the article directories, your SEO articles are going on their own individual page that has PR0. Sure, the directory’s home page might have a much higher PR, but your articles aren’t being published on the home page, are they?

But when your articles are syndicated, they’re winding up on other websites and blogs that have a higher PR. In fact, one great SEO article can fetch you dozens of high-quality links just through syndication! But if you’re publishing low-quality (or even so-so) articles, don’t expect anyone to republish them on their own site.

With a little bit of searching, you can actively look for places to syndicate your articles (like on blogs in your niche, or simply by striking up relationships with other site owners in your niche and syndicating each other’s content). Or, you can simply publish great SEO articles, use things like Twitter and Facebook to get the word out about them, and wait for people to pick them up on their own.

Typically, I do the latter – simply because I’m too busy with clients’ work to actively syndicate my own stuff! Luckily, though, I see SEO articles that I published more than a year ago showing up on new websites and blogs every day! I’m not doing a thing to promote those articles, but they’re still making their way to targeted traffic and fetching me new links. Now that’s what I call working FOR you!

3. Selling Your Products

If you’re writing SEO articles that are chock full of information and interesting to read, they do the selling for you. In fact, many marketers refer to article marketing as a way to “pre-sell”, because good articles offer readers answers and solutions, without any strings attached.

How is that possible?

By showing people that you’re an expert, you’re convincing people that you’re the one they should do business with. You don’t need a bunch of big bold sales copy or a thousand red exclamation points to convince them. Your knowledge alone will do it.

It sounds painfully obvious, but great SEO articles are meant to be informative. Giving readers answers and solutions in a well-written, compelling SEO article is a great way to get people to trust you – and ultimately buy from you.

Unfortunately, that’s something that many marketers have lost sight of. Instead of building up credibility with informative articles, they think they can get a “quick sale” from a sub-par article. It just doesn’t work that way!

A former award-winning journalist, Nicole Beckett now focuses on SEO content writing. As the owner of Premier Content Source, Nicole knows how to create compelling content that generates results!

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  • Hi Nicole,
    Well said Nicole. I have spent so many years now writing about just about everything and these 3 tips are the real deal. I’ll write an SEO article here and there (even for SPN from time-to-time) and I suppose these are some naturally occurring aspects. #2 is something I believe any content writer / submitter should pay particular attention to. Thanks, Bryan

  • I ado agree with what has been said here, but you know what I say?

    I say it damages your credibility if you claim to be an SEO expert but you are not on page one of any search engine…