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November 15, 2011

DIY: Backlinking Strategy

When it comes to getting backlinks there are a lot of methods to consider. Matter of fact you might want to take into consideration all the methods that are available to you. I am not referring to black hat tactics, but legitimate methods of backlinking.

What some people do is rely on one “magic method”, but when it comes to getting backlinks to your site, there really is not one “magic method.” There are better methods, but there is no longer one method for backlinking. Depending on how hard it is to rank for a specific keyword, you will need to step up your game and implement several backlinking strategies.

First and foremost, unless your article, web page, or whatever you’re trying to rank for is optimized and contains great content, you won’t make it very far, and it won’t stay on the top page of search engines for very long.

Creating great content is the best method for backlinking. When others share your content, then you have a winning solution for any post, article, or webpage. So if you want a 100% whitehat backlinking strategy, then make sure it involves great content, great onsite optimization, and allowing others to link back to your site.

One way to get your site out in front of people is by utilizing basic RSS strategies and bookmarking. This is what I will cover in this article. I will show you how I do this.

However Be Warned: Some backlinking strategies can be aggressive, and in some cases will not be considered playing nice by Google. Remember that Google doesn’t like it when you try to build links with the purpose of getting higher rankings.

If you look around the internet and see some of the backlinking strategies outlined by people, you will see that they are not considered whitehat by Google, and they do carry some degree of risk. For instance, if you see an ad that says One Billion backlinks for a dollar, you might want to think twice about plopping down that dollar.

SEO experts will tell you that backlinks cannot hurt you, and while that is probably true in 99% of cases, it is wise to know that anything that you do in backlinking for the sole purpose of getting better rankings in Google carries some degree of risk. The risk is also strongly proportional to how aggressive you get with your backlinking strategies, the overall quality of your site, and your promotional endeavors.

Just know that whitehat backlinking strategies are generally considered more long term and sustainable, while greyhat or blackhat promotion aims to take advantage of current loopholes, and is much more likely to see traffic dry up or websites banned in the long term. You need to weigh the risks and rewards carefully.

So now that I have scared you, let me show you how to get backlinks to your site using a completely whitehat method. You can use this with any keywords and any site you may be trying to boost in readership.

This is a great whitehat method of getting instant backlinks to anything you place on the internet. It takes some upfront work but once you have it all put together, it runs on autopilot.

Automatic Backlink Formula.

First thing you need to do is get a account.

Next you need to look at all the platforms that Ping submits to and then sign up for those platforms. This is where your backlinks will come from automatically.

Once you have those accounts set up, you then connect them all together. In other words, every time Ping gets info on your post or article, you want it to send to all the social networks you signed up for. So post once, and have that posted to several social networks in one go. The downside to all this is that you have to log into to do it each time.

One way around this is by creating a Hootsuite account, which takes RSS feeds that can be fed to Ping. So you send your RSS feed (such as the RSS Feed from your website), and connect Hootsuite to Ping. Now every time you post on your site, it goes to (via Hootsuite).

The beauty is that now you are getting automatic backlinks and exposure from these social networks. There are more sites you can auto-post to other than those listed in Ping. You can look at Hellotxt, PixelPipe, and other sites that do this as well. So you go sign up to those sites individually and add your RSS Feed. Now every time you post you get backlinks and exposure from these sites too, all automatically.

Another thing to do is create a free account with Onlywire. This account gets connected straight to
my blog. So with every post, I get a crazy amount of backlinks right off the bat.

But you are not only getting instant backlinks with this strategy!

If you are doing appropriate linking strategies within your posts or articles, you want to have a link about every 120 words. If you do this, then when all these places crawl and bookmark your site, or link to it, then all your links are getting crawled and indexed as well.

That means they are now following those links to the pages you linked. This builds authority and strength in these backlinks. SO…what you want to do is find a way to bookmark all the places and articles you create, so that you are getting links to links.

I hope this one tip will help you with getting the organic backlinks you need for your site.

Phillip Longmire has been doing internet marketing full time since 2008. He is a speaker, writer, and business owner. He works with business owners teaching them how to get more traffic to their sites. All his articles, advice, and know how comes from the front lines.