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November 25, 2011

How to Complete Your LinkedIn Company Listing – A SPN Exclusive Article

LinkedIn, which has recently reached 50 million user milestones, also has long been considered as a social networking site for professionals. If you’re in business, it is basically expected that you have a profile there.

But with the more mainstream platforms like Twitter and Facebook being used for business purposes, some professionals are neglecting their LinkedIn profiles. While LinkedIn is certainly not as dynamic as other social media sites, it still provides a lot of value, if you use it correctly. So whether you’re new to LinkedIn or a veteran, here are some of the things you should consider incorporating into your LinkedIn strategy.

Procedure to Complete your Company LinkedIn Listing:

An expert solopreneur, will just take 30 minutes or less time to set up the company profile pages, but being new or a veteran, the below checklist will help to save time and make sure you’re ready to complete all the information when you log in. In addition to the company overview page, you’ll see tabs for career, products and services, and analytics. Here’s the information you’ll need to complete your company overview page.

Company Name:

Make sure that your company name listing matches with the name in your profile. Because if you use LLC or Inc; in your own profile then use the same name in your company site also.

Who is going to administer? LinkedIn wants to know who will administer your company profile. In this case you will have two choices. All employees can administer your company profile with a valid email address registered, or else designated users only can administer your company profile.


Logos can be used. A standard logo as well as a square logo can be uploaded. This can be used for networking updates.

Description about the Company:

In the company description section, use this opportunity to describe “who you are and what you do.” In this case think & act not only how you may be successful in a small scale, but if you are planning to grow your company in large scale or to go after big companies, then present your company as an entity.

Twitter & Blog Feeds:

Bringing in your Twitter updates and blog feed keeps your company page active and relevant. Also update the pages with current information regularly.

Company Type, Size & Links:

Select from options, the company type and company size, which describes your status. Your company website URL link can go to your home page or to a services or gallery page accordingly.

Company Details & Locations:

Main company, industry allows you to choose within the LinkedIn categories. Then, you will have to select the company’s operating status and the year founded, this is an optional entry.

The last step is the locations. You can add up to five different location addresses, and then click publish. Finally, your LinkedIn company profile is active.

Product & Services:

In next tab is about the product/service option, category, name and description. First, you have to choose between product and service. Next, you’ll have to select a category. Then, you’ll have to name your product or service, add a logo to it, write a description, list the key features, post a disclaimer, add a URL, list the company contacts, add a promotional link and then link to a YouTube video if you have one.

You don’t have to complete each & every step, but you can see how much opportunity LinkedIn gives you to promote your business from within a company page. The best part is you don’t have to pay attention to the page or design it until you want to do it.

Traffic & Audience Analytics:

The last tab is a rich resource that adds insights and value to your page. Here, you can track the page views and unique visitors for your overview, careers and products and services pages. You can even compare how your company is doing with similar companies.


Now you’re all ready to invite people & friends. You can add a follow button to your website or blog. LinkedIn makes it easy with a line of code; if that seems too complicated, just add a “follow our company on LinkedIn” call to action with the company page URL to your email address and in all other promotional materials.

Joseph is a Software developer and freelancer writes in blogs and develops free website services. He and his wife are working on different websites and free java tools.