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SEO Consulting Services – A SPN Exclusive Article

spn_exclusiveWith the way the economy is today, many business owners have turned to the online advertising and marketing campaigns and strategies, such as search engine optimization (SEO), for a much needed boost in online company and product visibility, which translates into an increase in revenue and profitability. With each day that passes, more businesses are becoming aware of the importance and advantages of having an online presence to supplement whatever revenue streams they have already had in place. The immense increase in the number of corporate websites online today that display their various products and/or services, has translated into a fierce and competitive market of business owners trying to ensure that their websites are ranked in the top positions of search engines. This is the major contributing factor as to why so many of these business owners continually look for ways to distinguish themselves among their competitors, in order to gain a high ranking position.

This is where companies that offer SEO consulting services come in. SEO or Search engine optimization helps business owners increase their websites’ visibility and ranking in search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, by using various techniques and methods that ultimately result in an increase in website traffic (highly qualified and interested visitors) and online generated revenue. To find the right SEO service provider, it is critical to not only look at different companies, but to also see what types of SEO consulting services each of them offers. In order to find the right match, not only in terms of the provider, but also in terms of the service, it is important to look for a specific SEO consulting service that covers all the basics and uses only standard, and approved (also known as white-hat) methods and techniques. Stay away from SEO companies that offer rapid and guaranteed search engine rank results; more often than not, this will be a sale for them, but in the long run result in negative outcomes, such as being completely blacklisted, and banned from the most popular search engines.

So what kinds of services are included in SEO consulting?

On Site Optimization – Also called On Page SEO is when SEO consultants take a look at the inner workings of a website. Items such as page structures, internal links, programming platform, meta tags, etc., are all examined and optimized to ensure that the actual website is SEO friendly, and is geared towards getting high rankings on the agreed upon targeted keywords.

Off Site Optimization – This is one of the more important aspects of the different SEO consulting services, as it helps distribute information about your website, product and/or services throughout different social media platforms, resource hubs, targeted directories and various other appropriate authoritative sources. The more links that a company’s website has on various authoritative and relevant websites, the more attention Google and other search engines will give it.

Keyword Research – Identifying the most relevant keyword phrases that consumers use to search for your products and/or services is the key in determining which keywords your company’s website should be targeting. Optimizing for obscure, low search volume, or highly competitive keyword phrases will not only cause an SEO campaign to fail in ranking high in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, but it won’t properly direct the desired traffic to your site.

Content Creation – SEO consulting services shouldn’t just be about link building but should also focus on the creation of compelling, interesting content that will create interest among readers, consumers and incidental browsers, which in turn, will translate into additional revenue or start a surge of traffic resulting from these people sharing your content on their social media platforms and blogs.

Custom SEO Content Management – unfortunately, SEO isn’t a one time thing wherein you submit your content to information hubs or directory listings and be done with it. Proper SEO consulting services experts will tell you that SEO is an ongoing process which needs customized management depending on one’s SEO goals and intended results based on additional revenue and website traffic.

SEO consulting services when properly leveraged can exponentially increase a website’s potential to attract new consumers, no matter what the product or service it has to offer and more often than not, encourage these new visitors to share their experiences with other people through different social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

So now that you have the right SEO methods in place and have selected the team of SEO consulting experts to manage and keep track of everything, how will you know if these strategies and techniques are working for you?

Monitor website traffic. There are quite a few traffic monitoring tools that can accurately tell you if an increase in traffic has happened. Additionally, some of these tools like Google Analytics can tell you exactly which keywords in your SEO campaign this increase in traffic has stemmed from. Some monitoring tools also tell you how long each visitor has stayed on your site, which link or location they came from and various other important metrics to determine if additional traffic is being directed to your site. SEO consulting service experts should be able to help you determine and interpret the various metric results that these tools generate.

After you have the compelling content in place, and your website has been properly optimized externally and internally (on page and off page SEO tactics), visitors will undoubtedly begin clicking on your link which is now displayed within the top results of search engines. You now know that your SEO campaign has resulted in an increase in traffic, but what’s really important is that this traffic translates into additional revenue and profitability. That is your goal and that’s what you have to closely monitor to check if it’s being met.

Finally, it’s not difficult to add new features to your website that will positively affect the user’s experience, and increase conversions (sales). If you’re selling a product, asking your customers how they found out about your product, and if they had a good experience browsing through your website, is one of the simplest ways of finding additional ways to convert new visitors from your SEO campaign into paying and repeat customers.

Good SEO consulting service experts should be able to help you optimize your site and help you reach your goals, whether it’s an increase in daily traffic or an increase in revenue, or both.

Leo Alvin Alexander is a professional writer dabbling in online marketing and SEO. He has experience working for different companies in various fields and industries as a marketing officer and sales agent.

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  • Thanks for providing Info!Good list of seo elements. Its also important now to not over optimize a page. Too many people are overdoing seo.

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