Maximizing Your Customer Calls: Delivering Your Valuable Message to Customers Who Are On Hold – A SPN Exclusive Article

spn_exclusiveAnyone who makes their living in business either as an owner or marketer, has heard the term “niche” marketing. Niche marketing is a concept that is based on the idea that it is the little things (like little pockets of highly interested people) that we should be most concerned about appealing to. The concept recognizes the reality in marketing that you can’t be all things to all people. Nor would you want to.

Juxtapose this philosophy with a vastly different outlook about how to use space and time to deliver your message to that niche. When it comes to delivery frequency, “less is more” has given way to “more and more and more and more.” Previously under-studied parts of the marketing and customer relations puzzle, are now the province of professional consultants and scientific study. The overall idea is to leave no moment or sensory experience free of immersion for your customer. If that is your approach, then be aware there are inherent risks and pitfalls. Perhaps nowhere are these pitfalls more pronounced than in “on hold” marketing.

On hold marketing is simply the use of prerecorded content to convey your message, make offers, and advance your relationship with people who are on hold on your businesses’ phone system. On hold is one of the newer marketing disciplines not found solely on the Internet. The earliest known on hold marketing professional association came into existence around 2000. The reason that businesses can skate on a pretty thin sheet of ice when undertaking the on hold marketing method, is that people hate being put on hold. If you want to market to people during an already annoying time, consider these issues:

1.) Whether you wish to have an in-house system or hire an off-site full service delivery company, explore options with digital pbx systems via internet delivery. For people who don’t know, PBX systems were originally preferred within larger sized businesses because they were the only type of system that would accommodate music and message on hold capability and reduce costs by handling line system switches in-house.

A digital PBX system puts the power of modern digital line technology (with fast decreasing costs and pure sound quality) to work for your business. The internet connectivity aspect makes it simple to preload on-hold music and messages and allows for ease in prior scheduling of when messages play. The time you will invest in understanding the system (or finding someone who does) is offset by the advantages to an auto pilot system to deliver your message in the precise way you want it.

2.) Seek a system for delivering your on hold message that brings the message in a continuous loop. This ensures that a repeat caller will have a greatly reduced chance of hearing a message a second time.

3.) If you are seeking a full-service off-site delivery company, make sure you are comfortable with their music library and ask for a sample played over your business phone to you. You may also want to have a file played for you while calling via your cell phone. Sound quality for on hold is largely affected by the sound capability of the telephone that you are listening on – whether it is a business or cell phone. Make sure you are happy with what you hear.

4.) Be mindful of licensing requirements when reusing someone’s music. Music licensing fees are legally required to be paid. (This goes to thinking seriously about using a professional full-service on hold marketing service if it is possible.)

5.) Establish tracking systems for better evaluation of performance. One of the characteristics that makes the internet downloading of on-hold messages an outstanding advertising platform (beyond the low cost) are the real-time statistics of the performance of each campaign. Any offers or value deals on your messages should be accompanied by an identification code, web link, or other offer information that allows you to track the source of new business. is a company enhancing marketing efforts of businesses by providing their customers with a customized on-hold and in-store experience with informative, entertaining, and attentive productions.

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