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December 15, 2011

Smartphones are Way More than Just Smart…

If you follow the industry of mobile marketing or mobile advertising you probably already have an inkling as to what is taking place all across the globe.

Smartphone sales already outpace PC’s and laptops and there is no sign of any slowing in the future.

There is good reason for this. A smartphone ain’t just a phone anymore. It is, in every respect, a pocket-sized laptop or PC that you can make or take calls with. And if you are not following this trend and you are involved in marketing anything, and I mean anything, online through your own website or even as an affiliate for other sites, you need to pay very close attention to what’s happening.

There is absolutely no doubt that you and I very soon, if not within eighteen months then certainly within twenty-four months, will see more than fifty percent of all internet traffic originate from those handy-dandy pocket size laptops…smartphones.

An interesting article, in fact an amazing article, was just posted on the Google Mobile Ads Blog.

Here’s the link to it: Smartphone user study shows mobile movement under way

Certainly I do not need to repeat the details that you will discover in this article, but just to whet your appetite, currently 81% of smartphone users are browsing the internet, 77% are using their smartphones to search, and 68% are using an app on their smartphone, and that number is growing monthly.

And here’s something else not covered in Google’s most recent blog update…

Other studies clearly demonstrate 97% of text messages are read within five minutes of receipt. You cannot begin to compare that to email – there is no comparison.

Gone are the days when you can simply put up a website promoting your products, programs, or services and then rely on all of those “traditional” methods to get traffic to that site. These days that site must be smartphone optimized. And all that really means is this – you need to be able to see it on a really little tiny screen.

And, not to turn this article into a self-promotion, but I think that it’s important for me to point out to you that one of the products we offer through The ICA Network Apps Division is a mobile phone app which in essence is a mini mobile website, but with unlimited texting available to the app client and all of their app down-loaders. Think of it as a marketing tool, and think of it as a communications tool, all wrapped up into one neat little package. It’s an amazing product. In fact, in early November we hit number one on Google for the keyword phrase “custom phone apps.”

But enough about that. I point that out because it’s important for you to realize that the pendulum has begun to dramatically swing in the direction of mobile marketing, mobile advertising, and mobile websites. And you need to be a part of this. You need to begin thinking about any website promotion you become involved in and being viewable on that little tiny screen.

And just like an opt-in form from any website where you endeavor to collect the name and email address of prospects who visit your site through all kinds of those “traditional” methods, product allows you to send text messages, unlimited, anytime of the night or day, all from a single control panel, to everyone who downloads your app. Remember, your app is a mini mobile website that you can at the push of a button globally update for all of your members, customers, prospects, and yes even family and friends. You can use it to announce specials not available to non-app customers. You can even use it to sell information and charge your app down-loaders a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee.

You need to get your head around all the exciting things happening in this new industry. It really is taking over the way people access and use the internet.

A word of caution however. As the Founder and CEO of no doubt now the most successful custom phone app supplier in the world, I make it my daily duty to keep on top of what’s happening, therefore the caution is this: You should approach very cautiously the purchase of any service that sends text messages to prospects in your marketing area that have not specifically requested to receive advertising messages.

Sound familiar? Think back to the CANSPAM Act of 2003. We will most likely see under the next administration in D.C. efforts to enact a Can Text Act. I have heard horror stories of local businesses having stones thrown through their windows with a message taped to them basically saying, “Don’t text me!”

Just like with email, there are those folks who do not want to receive commercial messages. It is no different with this new technology. So, a word to the wise.. You could create a public relations disaster for local business should you engage in what I now call ‘Spaxting” [spaxt noun, spaxting verb]. We’ll see if that catches on in the marketplace like ‘spam’ did over a decade ago.

So get involved, but do so with caution. The learning curve is not as complex as many believe it to be.

Michael T. Glaspie, Founder & CEO – and