Online Reviews: Six Steps To Stop Your Business Reputation Getting Trashed

onlinereputationThe Internet has become one of the first places that potential customers turn to for businesses and product reviews. As a result, it is imperative that your home business avoids negative online product reviews, especially now that social media has become the backbone of online communication. So, here are 6 quick tips to help you avoid getting negative online product reviews.

1. Dominate the Top 10 Search Engine Results

The best long-term solution to this is simply to create a strategy to control as many properties as possible that appear on the first page of Google for your particular keyword phrase, product name, or business name. Many people may think this is an unrealistic goal. However, those properties do not have to be all your own. You can easily leverage other popular websites, such as YouTube, free blogging platforms, and article directories to fill in the rest of the results.

2. Make It Clear to Your Customers that They Should Contact You Directly

Another strategy is simply making sure that your customers bring any problems that they have directly to you, instead of sharing them with the world online. The easiest way to do this is to simply have a set of follow-up e-mails delivered to them incrementally for the first week or two. By including your contact information in your emails your odds of getting contacted directly and getting the problem resolved dramatically increase.

3. Add an Area for Complaints on Your Website

One of the easiest things to do is simply add an area to your website where customers can complain. In many cases, setting up a small forum is the easiest option. Not only does this give you an opportunity to address customer concerns quickly, but it also demonstrates to potential customers that you respond and are willing to help fix any issues.

4. Do Not Post Fake Positive Reviews on Other Websites

It has become common for some online profile management companies to post positive reviews for their businesses and products on popular review websites. The problem with this is that they often come off sounding insincere and scripted. As a result, these overly positive reviews will often get flagged. Not only will this NOT provide you with the benefits that you want, it will actually do more harm than good to your reputation.

5. Stay Visible on Social Media Platforms

You should make sure that your company is always visible on popular social media platforms, especially Twitter and Facebook. For some reason most people are more likely to complain when they don’t think that the company they are complaining about is actually listening. By staying visible, many people will avoid leaving negative feedback without first contacting you.

6. Reply to Any Negative Reviews

If you do find negative reviews popping up in the search engines, then it is important that you reply to them. As long as you sound reasonable and make an honest attempt to find a solution then you can turn a negative review into a positive experience for that particular individual, your company, and potential customers. This is because it shows people that you are actively trying to ensure that your customers are satisfied, even if they don’t come to you directly.

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