What Amazon Shows Us About Achieving Higher Conversion Rates

increase-conversionsIf you’re into affiliate marketing or earning revenue from your site, it’s not so much the amount of traffic you get, but how well that traffic converts into a sale. Needless to say, as a full-time affiliate marketer, I am always looking for ways to get higher conversions.

Which led me directly to Amazon!

I have been a long-term associate for Amazon, as well as other major affiliate networks like Commission Junction, LinkShare, Google, Clickbank… but over the years, none of these ever converted like Amazon.

My Amazon links and clicks often get 5% to 10% conversion rates which means if I send 100 customers to Amazon – 5 to 10 of them will buy something. Usually, these Amazon customers buy more than one product and this varies somewhat depending on the season.

However, if you’re into any kind of selling on the web, those conversion numbers are huge. Most affiliate programs and networks have much lower conversion rates – unless it is some hyped up product launch by a major online marketer.

What is Amazon doing right?

First, I know one of the major reasons for Amazon’s success is its superior REPUTATION for offering a fast, reliable service with reasonable prices. It has earned so much customer loyalty and respect that buyers don’t hesitate when purchasing something online through Amazon.

In other words, repeat customers could be the major reason why Amazon conversion rates are so high.

However, if you stop there, you may be losing valuable pointers as to how Amazon is getting those higher conversion rates. Examining just how Amazon has designed its pages and presented its products will give everyone a better idea of how online marketing is really done.

A company like Amazon has tested every design, layout and color scheme you can imagine. They have done all the testing and they know which presentations offer the greatest conversions.

Some common elements on every Amazon page:

– Plenty of images of the product you’re buying

– Full accurate description of the product

– Customer Reviews are prominently featured

– Related products showing what customers also bought

– Easy to use search boxes

– Related products or accessories

– Solid money back return policy

– Price slashed and discount price presented

Looking a little deeper, don’t know about you, but when I shop Amazon (because of all the points listed above) I get the feeling that I KNOW everything about the product I am buying. I have all the information I need to make my purchase without worrying about my choice.

This psychological key may play a big role in Amazon’s higher conversion rates. Peace of mind and satisfaction with your buying choice could be the real clincher or closer.

However, we must not ignore some other simpler design elements which could also deliver the higher rates. Did you know that tests have shown that the color “orange” on call-to-action buttons or links will offer the highest rates or get the most attention.

Just look at how Amazon uses the color “orange” on all its pages? Look how it has used “blue” fonts… simple stuff but an online page and text which is very easy to read will obviously convert better.

So too, is the overall “look and feel” of your website, you must keep everything consistent and even throughout your site because you don’t want to confuse or lose your visitors. Obviously, the longer they stay on your page, the better your chances of getting a sale.

Lastly, the next time you’re on the Amazon site, put away your wallet and look at Amazon from a marketing perspective. Closely examine the layout and design, notice all the features which attract your attention or make you want to buy the product featured.

Take notes if you have to, but let Amazon show you how to get those higher conversion rates and it will make all the difference in the world.

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