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There is one single truth to understand if you want to succeed in your business.

“Success is built with others!”

If there is one thing I realized from day one, it was this: “I could not do it alone”. Why? Because I didn’t know everything (and I still don’t), because I didn’t want to waste money learning everything to start with then only getting results a couple of years later, because I wanted to identify an easier path for me.

We all need help at different levels, but you must be strategic about it otherwise you may very well lose yourself, your time and all your money getting help where you don’t really need it at a particular time. And it all boils down to 3 questions:

1. What do you want with regards to your business?

Once you answer this simple, yet difficult question it is easier to address the next two questions:

2. What do you need to get what you want?

3. Who can do some of the things needed so you get what you want?

Answering the third question is not always easy because it means letting go. You’ll have to let go of wanting to do everything, you’ll have to acknowledge that some parts of your business can be done much faster, much better by other people.

You Have to Change the Way You Perceive Control

When you do everything on your own, you control everything (so you think!), but most likely you waste a lot of time controlling HOW things are done instead of focusing on WHAT needs to be done and WHEN.

Once you get one person in to take care of some of the numerous activities there are in your business, you cannot keep on controlling how it is done, you have to learn to control results and timelines. This can be very challenging for some people. The fact is that if you want your business to grow, your position within your business will have to grow as well. You, as a business owner, will have to grow.

You Have to Perceive “Help” as an Investment Instead of a Cost

One of the main issues of doing everything yourself is that more often than not, you run the risk of delaying your projects. Due to lack of time, you may have to postpone the launch of a product or a program, because the page is not ready, or because you get sidetracked and start too many projects simultaneously. Then as a result, between preparing, publishing articles, writing and sending
newsletters, working with clients, changing your welcome page 6 times, you don’t have the time to launch that great program. What does that mean at the end? You are losing money!

Now, what if you had just one person a few hours a week to take care of the regular activities so you could have started 2 programs, what would that mean to your bank account? Would you consider that “help” as a cost or an investment?

You Have to Perceive Yourself as a Decision Maker

When you do everything yourself, you have a harder time finding the space needed to make the important decisions. You run the risk of making a decision based on the time you have (or don’t have) instead of making a decision based on the best possible return for your business. When you remove yourself from the day to day “must be done” activities, you have the chance to think strategically, you can see your business from a higher perspective and you are in a much better position to close the gap between where you want to go and where you currently are. Let’s be honest here, somebody has to do it, and that is not the part that you should give up!

Christine Marmoy helps and coaches business owners tap into their brilliance and transform their passion into remarkable businesses. She works on three levels from discovering your brilliance, to daring to be bold, to finally claiming your spot. No stone is left unturned as she unleashes your creativity, your imagination and your innovative power so you become unstoppable in attracting
great clients.

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