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The 5 Main Benefits Of Guest Blogging A SPN Exclusive Article

Guest Blogging is becoming more and more popular for good reason. Posting guest blog posts on popular blogs is one of the fastest and least expensive ways to get highly targeted visitors to your website. With paid traffic sources drying up, for average marketers, guest blogging is an even more attractive and cost effective alternative for the little guy to get his message in front of a big audience. Here are some reasons you should consider starting to add guest blogging into your website
promotion arsenal now.

Guest Blogging Benefit #1- Guest Blogging Gets Your Message Instantly in Front of an Audience That It Took the Blog Owner Years to Develop.

The host blog owner has most likely been patiently slaving away gradually building up his audience through years of relentless posting. He has pinged, social bookmarked, backlinked, even paid for advertising and now here you come to benefit from all his hard work with your guest blog post.

I remember, I submitted a guest blog post to SiteProNews and forgot about it. A few weeks later I noticed a huge increase in traffic and comments on my blog. I checked to see where the traffic was coming from and I saw that SiteProNews had featured my guest blog post on their site for the entire week. Cost to me? Nothing other than a little brain power to come up with an original article that fit the theme of the host blog. Slap that around Google Adwords!

Guest Blogging Benefit #2. Guest Blogging Traffic is Better Than Traffic You Buy.

If a blog owner has spent years developing an audience in your niche then the people who visit his blog are passionate about this subject. If your guest blog post is tailored to their interests, the traffic you will receive is already highly qualified and targeted.

They will not have found your website through a pop up or contextual ad on some vaguely related website, or have impulsively clicked on some banner ad. Rather they will have found your article on one of their favorite blogs on one of their favorite subjects. Plus, you are not approaching them as an advertiser. You are approaching this new audience as someone who is an expert in a field in which they have already demonstrated a strong interest. Plus, you are offering them valuable information as opposed to a sales pitch and this is coming with the implicit endorsement of one of their favorite bloggers.

Guest Blogging Benefit #3. Guest Blogging Provides Long Term High Quality Backlinks.

You really cannot get better backlinks than from an informative article posted on an authority blog in your niche. Your links are not on some junk article directory that very few real readers look at. They are not coming from spun articles on Web 2.0 properties. Your backlinks will be coming from the highest ranking authority sites in your niche. Your SEO cannot help but improve since this is exactly the type of linking the search engines are looking for. No need to panic when you get wind of the latest Google update because most likely your rankings will improve as the search engines hone in on quality content like yours and weed out lower quality content that once was your competition. And in most cases, the links are permanent since blog owners generally keep blog posts up for the life of the blog.

Guest Blogging Benefit #4. Guest Blogging is One of the Best Ways to Become Famous In Your Niche and to Increase Your Brand Awareness.

The ultimate in promotion is simply becoming known as “the person” or “the brand” to go to in your industry. Think about it. Does Google need to promote it’s search services on any other media? How many clever TV ads have you seen trying to get people to use Google? I have not seen any. I would bet that Google’s advertising budget is close to zero. Everybody already knows that if they want to find something online they should just “Google it.”

How would you like to be the person that everybody thinks of first when they think of your industry? One of the ways you can start to build your brand recognition is by posting quality articles on other blogs in your niche, A.K.A. guest blogging.

Guest Blogging Benefit #5. Guest Blogging Can Help You Build Your Email List and Social Media Followers.

Email marketing still works. It is a very direct method of reaching your target audience. You also own your list so no matter how the search engine algorithms change or if paid advertising sources change their policies, as long as you have a list you can still have a business.

If you have a large targeted list of followers who are interested in your niche, you control your own business destiny. If you drive quality traffic to your websites through guest blogging, you will not only get more subscribers to your email lists, but you will get more Facebook fans and Twitter followers. These prospects that were once part of the host blogger’s audience are now a part of your audience.

Matthew Meyer is the webmaster for Marketing Blog. He is now accepting guest posts. All posts are promoted to his list of 130,000 subscribers. You may submit your guest blog posts here.

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  • Excellent article! Each point is clearly explained and very helpful for me as I dont know much about guest blogging so I thought its just to improve your rank in Search Engines but as you explained there are other direct benefits as well like email list, direct audience. This makes it worth it to spend time and energy on guest blogging. Thanks for sharing.

  • This article was an eye opener on guest blogging. I am looking forward for couple of guest authors.

  • Great. Was Just Accepting Guest Authors On My Blog But Never Thought on Benefits of Guest Blogging on Other Sites. Will Surely Look Forward to Do So…

    Thanks !!

  • Excellent article! Each point is clearly explained and very helpful for me. I don’t know much about guest blogging. You have added a lot of information which surely help us. So it helps to bring traffic to your site and generate backlink.

  • Useful but very basic information. It would have been better if free blogging software was included for people to try.