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List Building – Social Networks Are It!

List building is a topic which I have been following for over 10 years or more. In that time, you pick up a lot of helpful information when it comes to building your own opt-in email list. With the recent advent of such social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+… list building has grown in importance, rather than diminished.

Granted, the effectiveness of using email as a marketing tool doesn’t hold the same power as it once did when it was a new medium. Most web users have now become wary of receiving too many emails and/or open fewer and fewer emails, regardless of the subject matter. These subscribers are also more likely to unsubscribe from your list if your emails become too promotional.

Regardless of this fact, most savvy online marketers will have “follow-up” marketing funnels or lists in place for the products and services they’re promoting. Instead of just having one chance to “sell” to a potential customer, if that person subscribes to receive additional information, you will have countless chances to promote your products. In a similar way, most of these marketers will have a general opt-it list, where they promote different related products. For example, if you have a site on Internet marketing tools, you could build a list full of readers interested in marketing tools.

Social Networks Change Everything

As a way of promoting my sites, I have several YouTube channels and I am constantly surprised to find that some pimply faced kid has several million subscribers. Some of these kids are not even out of high school and they’re racking up millions of views and getting 1000s of new subscribers each day. The list building power of a system like YouTube should not be underestimated. Most of these same kids have partnered with YouTube and earn daily sums that would shock many people. For example, one kid in London just bought a house with his earnings from making YouTube videos. Well, that kid is actually in his early 20’s now, but he started as a teenager on YouTube and considers it his full time job.

But YouTube is just one of the social networks which lets you build your list of contacts. An even better one is Twitter, mainly because it is a simple messaging system which lets you broadcast your short messages to thousands, or even hundreds of thousands with a click of the mouse. Perhaps the only drawback, your subscribers or Twitter followers may be subscribed to hundreds of other Tweeters, so your message might get lost in the onslaught. Regardless, Twitter is a “must-have” platform for any online marketer or webmaster who is interested in building their lists.

Another new-comer to the whole social networking scene is Google+ and it has quickly become important for several reasons. First, it is from Google, perhaps one of the most respected brands in the world. Second, Google has just recently integrated Google+ profiles and posts into their personal search results when a user is logged into their G account. This second factor really opens up Google+ as a list building property because you can now use the power of Google’s search engine to promote your profile and posts to build your list of contacts.

However, the grand-daddy of all social list building platforms simply has to be Facebook. You can use this premium social network in many ways… build a fan base for your website or product, build a list of close business colleagues or build a list of close family members and friends. Facebook is the ultimate online list builder. What is really significant here is Facebook’s large member base – close to 900 million users and soon to be a billion.

This opens up a whole pool of prospective subscribers which is much larger than Google+ and besides Facebookers stay logged into their accounts twice as long as those using Google. This makes Facebook users much more active and more likely to stumble across your Facebook page or fan site.

Lastly, if you check out some of those young YouTubers who have subscriber numbers in the millions, you will discover that these savvy list builders have profiles and accounts in ALL of these social networks. They use all of them…Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Dailybooth… to help build their lists. The best part is that all of these social networks and programs are free. So are you using them to build your list?

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  • There is much discussion going on whether e-mail marketing is still effective or not, as many web marketing experts state that this form of online promotion is dead. Regardless of the validity of this claim, as the old saying has it: “There is no smoke without fire”. It is generally accepted that Internet users have become used to receiving tons of e-mails from online marketers trying to sell them something, and the rate of response to those promotional messages tends to be very low.
    Online social networking is the name of the game nowadays when it comes to successfully promoting products, services, ideas, brands and persons. However, building a vibrant interactive online community can be a much more difficult task than initially considered and it requires constant effort, dedication and updated knowledge on recent and popular technology, social and other trends.

  • I think that social networks are it nowadays, but i don’t know if they will remain it for the near future.
    A social network like facebook is lacking a purpose.
    Maybe social networks like and will remain in the game (at list at being profitable).

  • Whilst social networks are a great way to interact and talk to your following, the biggest caveat is that you don’t own the customer

    The reason email marketing is (and will continue to be) the #1 communication method favored by online business owners, is simply that you own the prospect. If you want further proof of that allocate a day (or two) reading the facebook terms and conditions on what they own about your followers and friends.

    Get your prospects on your opt in email list as fast as possible, don’t leave your customers in a place where they could be disconnected en masse tomorrow if your chosen social network shuts your account…

    Simon –