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SEO Siege: How to WhiteWash Your Competitors — A SEO-News Exclusive Article

Search Engine Optimization is the vehicle that’s going to bring people to your websites. Without getting to the top of Google and other search engines, you’re not going to get close to reaching the amount of traffic you need to earn revenue from your websites.

Getting to #1 in Google isn’t that hard when armed with the right information. In this article you’ll discover exactly what Google and the other major search engines want from their top ranking websites, and exactly how to give it to them.

Advanced SEO Tactics

In this section, I’m going to talk about a few advanced techniques that I use to move up the Google rankings on more competitive keyword terms. These strategies do require more work than the methods mentioned earlier, but they also carry a LOT of power and if applied correctly can massively boost your search engine rankings.

Advanced Tactic #1 – Link Wheels

While Link Wheels are nothing new, they are massively under used and can be very powerful indeed.

The way to create the wheel is to link from each Web 2.0 site to the next, as well as include a link from each Web 2.0 site to your site using your target keywords.

Generally speaking, the bigger the wheel you create the more powerful it will be. The reason Link Wheels carry so much power is because each site adds to the strength of another. Each Web 2.0 site passes on link juice to the next in a never ending cycle.

In theory, Google can pick up on link wheels, but the worst case scenario is that they don’t give you credit for the links.

If you want to take a conservative approach to link wheels, then you can always decide to build an “open link wheel.” In an open link wheel, the wheel is left incomplete. While these wheels aren’t as powerful as closed wheels, they are still very effective and a little more natural looking to Google.

Advanced Tactic #2 – Creating Satellite Sites

This is another powerful strategy that I use regularly to boost my search engine rankings. This technique can be done in a number of ways, but the most powerful approach, and the way I approach it, is to create a series of 3-4 different websites on 3-4 different hosts (or at least different C-Class IP addresses). Different C-Class IP Addresses allow your website to look like it’s on a different host (so that Google sees it as being unrelated to your other sites) when in reality it may be within the same hosting account.

Some people apply this strategy without varying the hosting accounts (IP addresses). This is fine in theory except for the fact that Google will see the websites are hosted on the same server as your main site and as such will most likely assume that you have created the site in order to give yourself a backlink. They will therefore discount the value of the link provided. This advanced tactic takes time to implement but can be very rewarding in the long run. If you really want to ramp this method up, create 6 satellite sites (2 on each unique server) and link them back to the main site.

Advanced Tactic #3 – Create Your Own High PR Link Catapults

This is one of my favorite tactics of all and probably the single most powerful SEO strategy mentioned in this article. What this strategy involves doing is building up your own group of High PR sites (these will become what we refer to as your Link Catapults) and using them to link back to your sites. When it comes to getting top rankings in Google, building back links is the most important and most beneficial thing you can do. The more links you build, the higher your website will move up the rankings – but not all links have the same value.

Some people estimate that Google places a factor of 10 on links coming to your site for every page rank that increases. For example, one link from a PR1 website is worth ten links from a PR0 website. One link from a PR2 website is worth ten from a PR1 website (100 from a PR0 website).

The exact value isn’t known, but what we do know, is that a link from a website with a high page rank is MORE valuable than a link from a website that has a low page rank. Getting links from high PR websites is time consuming and generally more difficult than getting links on low PR websites – that’s where this advanced strategy comes into play – it’s possible to create our own high PR websites in order to get high value links that will boost our rankings!

Now for someone who’s never done this before this might sound complicated and expensive, but the truth is that PR3 and PR4 websites can be bought for as low as $12 (the average I spend for a PR 4 website is around $30 but I’ve bought several in the past for $12!) and they are extremely easy to buy and setup – the entire process might take you 30 minutes to an hour to complete once you have the domain.

Catapult SEO Formulas

If you want to earn revenue from your websites by getting top rankings in Google and driving free traffic, you MUST follow through with link building. If you stop now and don’t complete the link building, everything you’ve done to this point will have been a waste.

If you want to drive traffic to your site, I would recommend that you take advantage of the above techniques to boost online traffic to your site. What is your opinion based on the above traffic generation system?

Bill Achola is a digital market who blogs at He helps individual and small business people build traffic and brand back to their site.

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Bill Achola

Bill Achola is a digital market who blogs at He helps individual and small business people build traffic and brand back to their site.


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  • Creating Satellite Sites #2

    Did you know that Google is a domain registrar?

    Even though they don’t sell domains, they do query ownership which serves to back-check sites linking from different IP addresses and also gets around purchasing domain registration privacy.

    In order for this to work, domain ownership must be as different as the IP addresses being used for the web servers.

    Your article seems weak for a SEO site.

  • Finally an interesting article from Site Pro News!

    When combined with a good TV advertising campaign and other great marketing tools beyond the web (yes, they’re out there and going strong), satellite sites work great to promote your business.

    We find that the sites we have developed for different market sectors have also been excellent tools for branding our main endeavor.

    Although the title promises a bit more than this technique delivers (whitewash competitors – c’mon, Bill), the method is for real, and with some care and attention to the satellite sites, it can do wonders for your branding, as well as for your ranking.

    Thanks for a great article, Bill!

  • I am sorry but most of that you are suggesting here smacks of scammy behaviour. Search engines will quickly pick up on what you are doing and your PR will crash.