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March 3, 2012

Focusing Your Blogging Efforts – A SPN Exclusive Article

Blogging has become a popular way to generate income online, but not many bloggers are able to generate a substantial income. One of the primary reasons for this is that most of these bloggers focus all their efforts on making interesting posts without even considering, whether their marketing efforts are focused or not.

Just like any business, blogging if seen as an income source, needs planning, and focus.

The first step towards blogging for income should be making your goals clear. Decide the primary objective of your blog, whether it acts as a platform to connect with your readers, build a mailing list, or generate income with affiliate products or advertising.

Each of the above would require you to customize your blogging script so your marketing efforts are not wasted.

It is fine if you wish to use an open source blogging solution like WordPress, but remember that these solutions are not designed keeping in mind your individual requirements. This is why simply loading a beautiful template might not be enough in the name of customization.

For example, if your goal is to build a mailing list, then you must display the sign up box at a prominent area in your template. Additionally you must also provide an incentive to your blog readers to join your mailing list. This could be content available only to subscribers, a free report, or something else that your readers would find useful.

If your goal is to build a loyal reader base, then you must provide them an easy way to find, or track your content. This could be customizing the default search box with advanced options, or displaying a link to follow your RSS feeds. The purpose here is to give your readers an easy way to find or track your content.

If you visit my blog at you will see that links to follow the blog with RSS, links to follow the blog at twitter and similar are all displayed at a prominent location making it easy to find these and track the blog.

You might be blogging for money, in which case you must research your ad positioning. Make sure that there are not so many ads that your content is buried, while having enough so you can generate an income. If promoting affiliate products, consider gaining the trust of your reader first before recommending anything. An easy way to do this is by providing valuable content.

In addition to these basic customizations, your post and writing styles should also connect with your readers. As a marketing professional for the last 7 years I know that if you are not able to connect with your readers at an emotional level, then you are not going to succeed, ever. It could be building trust, writing with a tinge of humor, or passion. Take a look at these 5 emotions that make people buy, and try to implement those in your writing style.

Another most important factor that decides if you will be successful or not is your dedication and motivation. Just like anything else, it takes time to lift a blog from the ground up. During this time there could be times when you cannot think of a topic to write about, or the income is not enough to keep going, or it seems like as if your marketing efforts are failing, and this is when you must keep yourself motivated. Take a short break, or invite a “guests” to post on your blog while you find a suitable topic.

To conclude, have a business approach towards your blog, treat it as a business, plan for it, focus your efforts, and keep walking, even if at a slow pace.

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