What You Should Strategically Do About Google+

Even with the Wall Street Journal and other news services stating that Google+ is a ghost town and that users typically spend less than two minutes on the platform a month, I consider positioning yourself on Google+ a top priority. In fact so much so, that I wanted to make sure that all of our readers and clients knew my feelings about how to use Google+ and its importance for organic placement for the future.

First, let’s talk about the actions you should take immediately.

– Tie your preferred Google account with Google+.

– Lock down your business name as a Google+ Business page.

– Lock down a business page with your most important short keyword phrase.

– Link your Google AdWords program to your Google+ account user name.

– Implement Google +1 on your blog and your website.

These important first steps can easily be done by you. If you need help, please ask us for it as what will be happening with Google+ in the near future is very important to your online visibility.

Second, let’s talk about what Google+ and +1’s are.

Google+ is a social platform. It is not like Facebook, but more like Facebook and Twitter combined. However, it is much more important than any of the social networks we know and use now.

You could consider Google+ like a voting and popularity network but one that has the ear of Google. Anything you do on Google+ will most certainly impact your website’s organic placement and Web Visibility in the future. Google has said as much in their releases. Google has already started showing social results from your Google+ network in their personalized search results.

What this means is that for people and businesses that embrace Google+ early and start building their network now, there will be strong benefits for their updates and links; activity will be shown in your own personal and expanded network’s search/social results.

+1’s are Google’s versions of votes. If you like a page, like an ad, like a blog post, like a Google+ comment, you vote it up using a +1. What is crucial to understand is that a +1 is tied to your Google+ activity. These +1 votes will impact your visibility and placement on Google in the new Google Search Plus Your World results.

Third, let’s talk about Google Search Plus Your World.

In mid-January, Google rolled out an important change to their search index. They named it Google Search Plus Your World. In my industry we call it Search Plus. Google stated that they will be using activity, updates, Google+ activity, and +1 activity in the search results that they deliver to you personally and to those in your Google+ network.

What is interesting is that even if you are logged out of your Google account, Google is still tracking your activity. Of additional importance, is the announcement that the social related results that will be shown in the Google.com index are personally selected for you and WILL contain Google+ activity across your Google+ social network.

That means if you start building your network now, your information and website could be appearing in search results for a very broad network of readers and potential prospects. As this activity comes from your personal network, just like a word-of-mouth referral, links to you and your profile will most likely carry more authority and legitimacy in the eyes of potential clients. Everyone weighs a reference by a friend about a business more than a written review found randomly on the Web. This will be the real impact of Google+ and +1’s in the very near future.

Fourth, why should you take the actions mentioned on this page now?

Based on this new focus for Google, you need to start flowing through search and social activity into your Google+ and +1 bank. If you don’t have accounts, Google can’t tie the activity to you specifically.

If you wait to tie up your business page and top keyword phrase, you may find that someone else has tagged it; locking you out of words and phrasing that will be very important to your Google presence in the very near future. Even if you do nothing yet with these new accounts, they will be tied to you so that when you do want to use them you can.

Fifth, why is this so important?

All of the actions to take and the information in this article are important because the business that is driving this action is Google. As Google owns 65% of the online search market, to be positioned well on Google means taking full advantage of what Google considers important. It is very important to understand that Google+ is not Facebook. Google considers Google+ and +1’s integral to the new face of search and how search results are shaped and delivered. Do not be fooled into thinking that this is just a social network. These new Google offerings are very important and should be embraced quickly and completely for your future organic placement benefit.

Don’t wait beyond 30 days to take the actions we recommend. When Twitter first came out many clients did not move into the platform because they considered it just a time drain. For the clients we work with that embraced Twitter early, many have networks of followers well over 2,500 active users; allowing for some serious marketing action and site promotion. Our recommendation is that Google+ is by far the most important new social network to have come out in the last three years. Don’t miss your chance to start now so that you can take full advantage of the future possibilities.

Nancy McCord is the founder and President of McCord Web Services LLC which provides Twitter and Facebook status updates, blog writing services, and Google AdWords account set up and management.

Since 2001, Nancy McCord has developed a reputation as an expert on web visibility and how to use social networking for business.
You can visit Nancy and her firm at http://www.McCordWeb.com. Connect with +Nancy McCord at Google+, @mccordweb on Twitter and on Facebook.

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Nancy McCord

Nancy McCord is the founder and President of McCord Web Services LLC which provides blog writing services, Twitter and Facebook status updates, and Google AdWords account set up and management. Since 2001, Nancy McCord has developed a reputation as an expert on Google AdWords and how to use social networking for business. You can visit Nancy and her firm at www.McCordWeb.com. Connect with +Nancy McCord at Google+, @mccordweb on Twitter and on Facebook.


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  • Unfortunately this article only goes to confirm my opinion of Google + which is that if it were not for the fact that Google controls 65% of the search engine market it would not have much following. Goggle is forcing website owners to include the 1+ button by including it in their search results and then forcing people who want to 1+ a page to have a Google profile to do so.

    If it were not for their controlling influence in search I think Google+ would go the same way as several of their previous attempts in the social sphere (Google Buzz) and quickly disappear.

    I also think website visitors are getting fed up with being asked to “like” “1+” etc. especially where they then have to sign up to a new service they don’t really want to do so. Facebook with its current membership of 800m members means it is far more likely that a visitor already has a profile and on many sites I find Facebook likes far exceed 1+ but of course Google will ignore this as they are only interested in their results.

  • Although I’m willing to engage with Google+, two months ago I put the “+1” button on all four of my websites, with the following results for the “+1” count:
    Site A remained at 0.
    Site B quickly became 17 and then did not change.
    Site C showed 2, but my Google webmaster stats said 4 people had “+1″d my site.
    Site D alternated between 0 and 1, but my Google webmaster stats said 6.
    Conclusion: These “1+” buttons don’t function properly on my sites.
    Consequence: Buttons removed.

  • Agree with you 100% Adrian. Not all people are into the social networking thing and it doesn’t work for every business.

    Great for those who are into that, but not everyone is.

  • Google+ doesn’t quite seem to be working does it?

    Google+ has been going for quite a while now and if it was a roaring success we probably wouldn’t need articles to promote it.

    Why do Google always try to tap into every market (I know money) and have nowhere near the success they had (past particle intended) with search.

  • Not to mention that Google+ and +1s have influence in organic search results. From my initial testing I’ve noticed that after increasing the number of +1s of a page the rankings for targeted kws improved even though I wasn’t logged into my Google account.

  • The most relevant comment in this article is the bit about getting in early. I was a slow starter with Facebook and Twitter, getting involved only last year. As a result, follower numbers there are very small. By comparison, I set up a business page 1 week after they were made available and, for the same level of effort, follower numbers are 10 times Facebook and Twitter combined. There’s no commercial benefits at the moment but at least I am there and time will tell.