How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Website

Are you using Facebook to promote your business; if you’re not you’re missing out on a potential gold mine? As of 2012 Facebook has grown to 845 million monthly active users making 100 billion connections on the web; that’s a lot of potential customers.

Facebook users upload 250 million photos daily to their pages and Like 2.7 billion times each day. There are 37 million pages with 10 Likes or more with an average time per visit of 20 minutes per page. How can you get some of those users to your website?

There is a two-step approach to using Facebook to promote your website. The first step is to get as many Fans as possible to visit your Like page and give it a “Like.” Second, as the number of Likes builds, you start sending as many of those Fans as you can to your website. This whole process requires you to have a Facebook Like page. There are several articles on this topic so I won’t be discussing it here.

50/50 Rule

The first method is called the 50/50 rule. You will spend 50% of your time on your own Like page filling it with quality content relative to your niche. The other 50% of your time will be spent on other Like pages that are in your niche; you’ll need to spend at least 30 minutes each day on this method. Facebook is social so you need to interact with people, get involved in discussions, and ask questions that encourage a response. Post videos, articles, pictures, and links to your page and other pages. Do not sell on your Like page or any other Like pages; use your website for selling. You’re trying to get Likes and earn credibility with your Fans in an attempt to get them to sign up to your e-mail list – then sell to your e-mail list.

Create a Welcome Page

A welcome page is an application that you create on the Facebook Developers site. It’s basically another page added to your Like page. It’s also known as a landing page. The welcome page can and should include your e-mail list opt-in form. If you use video this is a great place to include one about your site. The welcome page can be set to be the fist page a NEW visitor sees when visiting your Facebook Like page – this is a very powerful feature. While your visitor is on the welcome page you can encourage them to Like your page and even sign your opt-in form.


Did you know that not all of the content you post to your wall will get posted to your Fans News Feed? This is because Facebook wants quality, engaging content to ensure social interaction. Edgerank is used to ensure that quality. Edgerank determines what content will appear in the News Feed. Edge refers to any content that appears in a News Feed. There are three factors to consider with Edgerank:

1. The affinity score. Shows how often you and your Fans have interacted.

2. Weight. This shows whether your content has been Shared, Commented on, or Liked.

3. Time Decay. The older the content the less important it becomes.

To make sure your content always gets seen you need to post often – once a day and encourage people to respond to your content.

Add a Like Button

Adding a Like button to your website is another great method to promote your site. This small button will put the power of Facebook right on your website. Every time a visitor “Likes” your website all their Friends will get a notification saying that your site has been Liked. If the visitor has many Friends, this process will compound resulting in hundreds or thousands of Likes.

The main point to remember about Facebook is you need to be interactive and engaging with other people. Post good quality and relevant content on a daily basis and Facebook will reward you with more traffic to your site than you thought possible. I have a few more methods that I could explain but this article is getting long. Look for more articles on this topic in the days to come.

Article by Mike Bliss. For how to videos on creating a Like page, a welcome page and adding a Like button to your website visit http://www.internetincomeconnection.com/videos.htm. On Facebook see: http://www.facebook.com/mikeblissonlinepage

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