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Webmasters: Get Your Sales and Landing Pages Working For You — A SPN Exclusive Article

Are you using free media in a manner that brings you sales, leads, and new customers? If not, consider the following for a moment: “When you do the same as other online start-ups: you get the same poor results they are receiving.”

Let me restate that fact statistically: 97% of all Sales and Landing pages (existing right now on the Web) fail to make a single sale, or bring in a single “lead.” Sounds horrible right? Is your business one of the 97%?

The same applies to Sales emails, lead generation emails, Squeeze pages, Capture pages and other Web applicable media such as Sales videos, lead generation videos, and like content.

To get the best result, all promotional content (which you expect to make sales, or generate leads) must be written by a sales writing professional.

Why all the “gloom and doom” might you ask? Is it the economy? No. Okay then – what is wrong with the above described materials? Why are such huge percentages of sales purposed content pages failing to do the job of selling, and capturing leads?

The answer is quite simple. CEO’s, office managers, academic graduates, entrepreneurs, sales managers, salespersons, chairpersons, and other corporate, and private “suits” generate the huge majority of these pages. (No offense implied, nor intended concerning these “suits.”)

In other words the people who are writing (and having written) this “sales content,” are not professionally trained copywriters. There – you have the short of it. The question is what are you going to do to be successful with your content?

How can you keep your online business from falling into this same pit? The point here is; although many of the people who construct such content may be good writers, (who can create “great information” for these pages) they do not understand that simply writing personable, well-written content does not (in and of itself) transform this content into “good” sales and landing page material. (Content that actually works to make sales, and generate leads.)

Too many sales professionals think that simply being able to make sales in person (or over the phone) “makes them uniquely qualified” to be able to do the same with the written word.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Most of these people are highly educated and are good speakers who possess charisma and likeability.

They are often highly trained in how to make sales, (in person) but this alone does not qualify them to automatically know what sales writing skills are needed to sell products in the online or offline arena.

Let us get back to you personally. You know you have a great product or service. You understand every aspect of its features, or know all about the intimate specifications concerning a great service.

You may even feel as though no one else is uniquely qualified to present your product or service as effectively as you can.

Take heart – because simply knowing the attributes of your product/service does not enable you to become a great sales writer, for this is an acquired skill that is developed over time.

Sure, the copywriter must know these things, but he/she will take this information and transform it into benefit-rich sales copy that will get visitors to buy, opt-in, or request more information.

The whole point of this article is to get you to do what will prosper your online business the most. (Such as not write, your own sales copy.)

If you want real results from your Sales or Landing pages, then break away from the 97 percent, (who are failing to make sales) and let a qualified Web Copywriter write your Sales or Landing pages.

Did you know that in a “down” economy – more millionaires are “made” per year – than there are when the GNP is “up?” How can this be? It is simple because being confronted by a “lack of jobs,” those with “vision” to do something different are compelled to create their own opportunities.

You can do the very same thing in the economic climate that now exists. Do not make the same mistake so many others are making, when they say: “Hire a copywriter? Why? I am a successful professional salesperson; I don’t need anyone to write my sales copy.”

A whole lot successful Authors will not even try to write their own sales promotions. Why is this? They have already written several of their own “sales pages,” the copy read well because they were good writers.

However, when they put their “Sales pages” online, and tested them: they fell flat. Zero sales, nada, even after several thousand visitors. Should not a successful writer be able to hammer out a good sales page? No.

The page can be a great read, contain engaging information, yet still fall flat, and fail miserably to make sales. Why is this you might ask? It is because being a good author; (even a best-selling Author) does not qualify one to be a great copywriter.

Yes – both use creative writing, and both call for good writing, but they are completely different skill sets. Are you ready to get your sales page written (or re-written) by a Professional Web Copywriter? It will pay you to do so.

Stephen Monday is the owner/operator of http://www.AAAWebcopyservices. I produce high impact, benefit oriented, Sales and Landing pages – that bring results. (No Hype)

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