You and Your SEO Content Writer – 5 Reasons You Should Break Up

As the old song says, “breaking up is hard to do.” But in some cases, breaking up is absolutely critical for your own survival. And if your SEO content writer isn’t “the one,” you’re risking the survival of your business by sticking around!

So, how do you know if it’s time to break up with your SEO content writer?

1. You’ve Been Taken Out for a Spin

When your boyfriend shows up to take you for a spin in his new car, that’s a good thing. When your SEO content writer takes you for a spin – as in shoving your stuff through an article spinner – that’s a bad thing. So bad, in fact, that it means it’s time to call it quits.

I actually landed one of my biggest SEO clients this way. The firm’s president caught his content writer spinning stuff, instead of manually rewriting it like he was supposed to do. Their break-up was a messy one, since the SEO firm now had to pay me to re-do all of the other guy’s work (and, believe me, the content was a mangled mess!). But for my client, ending the relationship was absolutely essential for the survival of his business. After all, who can establish a solid reputation when they’re publishing junk content everywhere?

2. You Were Cheated On

Cheating is a big no-no in any relationship, including the one you have with your SEO content writer.

How can your writer possibly cheat on you?

By handing over work he did for you as a “sample” to a potential new client. This is a huge deal for a couple of reasons:

– First, you’re the copyright owner of that content, not your writer. So, it’s not his to give out to anyone.

– Second, who knows what this person is going to do with your content now that he’s got it. There’s nothing to prevent him from publishing it under his own name, sending it out to his email subscribers, or using it as a chapter in his next ebook. As soon as it leaves your writer’s inbox, your content is de-valued.

When your SEO content writer cheats on you like this, it’s no different from seeing your girlfriend out on a date with another guy – and you have just as much reason to be angry.

3. Your Second Date Wasn’t as Good as the First

We’ve all been there – you go out on a date with someone, and you think you’ve hit it off. Then, for some reason, the second date is a total dud.

Your SEO content writer can pose the same problem.

Let’s say you place an order, and everything was just awesome. You’re so excited to have found a decent content writer that you can’t wait to place another order. But that second batch just isn’t very good.

What’s the deal?

It’s a common ploy in the SEO content writing world – do whatever it takes to land a client, then slack off and cut corners once you’ve got one. Lots of subpar writers assume that you’re way too busy to go through the entire vetting process again to find another writer. They figure you’ll stick with them because it’s “easier.”

Here’s the bottom line – good SEO content writers will deliver high-quality stuff whether it’s your first order or your 1,000th order. In the content writing world, dealing with “duds” is completely unacceptable.

4. You Just Don’t Mesh Well

Personal relationships fizzle out every day because, sadly, some people just aren’t compatible. It’s no different with your SEO content writer. Even if your writer tries really hard and his heart is in the right place, he may not be able to give you a finished product that meshes with your brand or your company’s style.

Like in any relationship, communication with your SEO content writer is crucial. If you want witty content, tell your writer that upfront. If you want a more formal tone, let your writer know. But if your writer knows exactly what you’re looking for, and still can’t deliver, it’s time to break up.

5. You Don’t Have Time for Him

You see it all the time – people break up because their busy lives make it impossible to devote a lot of time and energy to their relationship. Unlike a romantic relationship, you shouldn’t have to devote a lot of time to your SEO content writer.

Good writers can work without too much direction from you. Remember, you’re paying them to save you time! If you have to hold your content writer’s hand, then go through and clean up his work once he’s finished, you’re devoting way too much time to him – and it’s time to break things off.

Nicole Beckett prides herself on the relationships she builds with her clients and readers. For SEO content that sets you apart, visit the team at Premier Content Source!

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Nicole Beckett knows that content marketing will always play a huge role on the web.  That's why she spends her time helping business owners come up with the very best strategies.  Find out how she can take your web content to the next level by visiting Nicole and the team of journalists at Premier Content Source.


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  • I completely agree with this topic. We have to go for quality content and not to spin those articles.

    We have a website http://www.softtrix.com and we put content on regular basis on our blog page and in content i am targeting keyword “SEO Company”. I got very good results, now my website is on 45 spot and traffic increase 85%.

    So recommend to every one to setup a blog and add quality content on it. It will give you lot of benefit.

  • Softtrix – kudos to you for seeing how important quality content is! Glad to hear you’re seeing big success! My own homepage made it to #1 on Google for its main keyword a couple of weeks ago, and I got there solely through publishing great content (both on site and off). Keep up the good work, and it will pay off!

    Trey – You’re right. Making your readers feel like they’re genuinely connecting with you is a HUGE part of SEO content writing.

    Good writers can definitely write to your own personal style (whether that means being witty, a little sarcastic, or super-formal). You don’t necessarily have to write stuff yourself. A little communication with a talented writer can go a long way! 🙂

    Thanks for chiming in… Keep those comments coming!

  • Nice to see you again Nicole and a great article; I’m happy to see you picked up a large client and the previous SEO firm had to pay the tab!

    It also made me smile 🙂 seeing how you share the same moral values as I do, especially regarding cheating in any relationship – I don’t believe in it and have zero tolerance for someone who would do that to their partner.

    Therefore, I promised you a pic of me when I was a Marine Drill Instructor and you can view it here

  • Former Marine, you must have scared the heck out of some bad guys back in the day! 🙂 Thank you for the kind words… it’s always nice to hear your thoughts.

  • Hi Nicole,

    I have a team of 14 amazing freelance writers writing content for me. Unfortunately, it took a lot of “breaking up” in order to end up with a team as good as this. My experience is that if you do enough research on the writer and they seem to fit well with your style and work ethic, you will land one great freelance writer for every four to five that you try to work with.

    Like you said, sometimes they start to slack off – that is very true. I call it the sophomore slump. They see that first paycheck and start decreasing their quality for the sake of pumping out more money…I mean, articles. Usually a little talk will wake them back up to my quality expectations. But if it doesn’t, they’ve got to go. There are too many great writers out there who would be ecstatic to find a good gig.

    I am paying a lot of money for content, so there is no room for even the slightest bit of uncertainty or poor quality.

    If a writer doesn’t work for you – keeping them is only costing YOU money, time and a great deal of frustration.

    Nice post!


  • Allen, you’re absolutely right on all counts! A good writer should be like any other professional — they should have the expertise to handle the job, and they should have enough pride in what they do to give you 110% effort every time, no matter how long you’ve been working with them.

    Yes, it can certainly be hard to find people who fit into this mold (especially with all of the “wannabes” floating around out there!). However, like you’ve pointed out, doing your homework in the beginning can prevent you from having a ton of headaches later. Hopefully, more and more business owners are taking your approach — and refusing to settle! 🙂