Using Amazon to Read Your Site Visitors’ Minds

One of the easiest ways to grow a business is also one of the most overlooked. Many of us want the latest marketing strategies or traffic tricks to grow our business. But the truth is the easiest way to grow your business, without spending a penny, is hiding right under your nose. The answer is in the people who visit your web site…

Knowing your site visitors better than they know themselves is the easiest way to grow your business. The more you understand your site visitors the less marketing and strategies you need. Why…because every single thing your site says, does or offers will hit the sweet spot. You will say exactly what your site visitors want to hear in order to turn them into paying customers.

You see it is far easier to get prospects to buy from you and customers to keep buying, if you focus on providing them with exactly what they want to hear and to have. Anything that you put on your web site that does not speak to your site visitors’ fears, frustrations and desires is needless noise that is harming your conversion process.

Let me give you an example of what I mean…

You own a stall selling water in the desert (sounds strange but stick with me). You have a small sign on your stall that says “Quench Your Thirst With My Beautiful, Fresh, Cold Water – Only $1.” Along comes a passer by who is sweating buckets and clearly desperate for a glass of water. For a dollar he can have a glass from you. If he has the money – he’ll buy. Period.

Now let’s say the same guy comes along but instead of seeing the previous sign, your sign says “Sit Through My One Hour resentation On How I Built A Water Pump And Get A Glass Of Water At The End For Just 50 Cents – Half Off The Normal Price.” What do you think will happen? He may sit and wait, he may not. But now you have put up an obstacle that is stopping him from buying what he desperately wanted. And this, unfortunately, is what most web sites do. They try to be clever by putting in too much information or putting in obstacles that stop their site visitors from buying.

The bottom line: If you give your site visitors EXACTLY what they want at the right price – they will buy. Why wouldn’t they?

The good news is all the research has been done for you. Go to Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk and search for products similar to yours. Then read through the reviews of the products and start writing down the good and bad points in the reviews. Look for the commonalities. What are the majority of people saying they do, and do not, like about a product? Spend a little while doing this and very soon you’ll realize what potential buyers in your niche really want. Your job is then to explain to them on your site the positives/benefits that they get from buying your products or service (make sure this is true. If it isn’t – create or source a better product/service).

If your product or service is not on Amazon, then search the internet for “(product/service) forum.” A forum is like an online notice board where people can chat about the topic. So, if you sell something like car insurance, you would search for “car insurance forum.” Read what people do, and don’t, like and ensure your site hits all the positives!

Or, and it is beyond me why most companies don’t do this, ask your previous customers! Send them an email linking to a survey (use a survey like https://www.surveymonkey.com/ where they can fill in a short questionnaire about their desires and frustrations in the niche in return for a free gift of some kind (a discount on your products/services for example).

In my seven years online the most common mistake I have seen in failing sites is the owners believing they know what the customer really wants – when clearly they don’t. An example of this was a guy who was trying to sell luxury holidays as an affiliate. His site focused on nothing but the cheap price of the holidays in comparison to other luxury holiday web sites. The problem was if someone is looking to book a luxury holiday they’re not that bothered about price. They’re more bothered about the golden sand, clear blue sea, five star hotel etc etc. See the difference? You can think you know your customers wants and desires but until you have done some research you may just be guessing – and guessing wrong. And this can have a detrimental effect on your web site sales.

Stop thinking you know what your site visitors want and instead make sure you really know – then give it to them.

Jason Taylor is the owner of www.rapidprofitbooster.com where you can access a complimentary video seminar on how to earn more from your web site without increasing your traffic.

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Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor is the owner of www.rapidprofitbooster.com where you can access a complimentary video seminar on how to earn more from your web site without increasing your traffic.