Your Ezine Publishing Questions Answered

Ezine or newsletter publishing is an essential element of your online business. Ezines allow you to keep in contact with your prospective customers and to build relationships of trust and respect. Relationship building is the foundation of your online business and producing a quality ezine or newsletter can help you accomplish this.

Over the years I have been asked many questions about how to publish and ezine. Below are many of the most common questions people have asked.

Q: What is an ezine?

An ezine is simply an electronic newsletter or magazine emailed periodically to a list of opt-in subscribers. Opt-in means these subscribers have signed up for and given permission for you to send your ezine.

Q: To whom do I send my ezine?

You will need to build a list of subscribers by advertising and promoting your ezine. There are several free ways to do this.

Ad Swaps – Running other publishers’ ads in exchange for running yours is a great way to get a lot of free exposure and to build your mailing list.

Writing Articles – When writing and submitting articles be sure to offer your free newsletter in the resource box. If people like your articles they will probably sign up for your ezine.

SigTag – By adding an attention grabbing headline and your subscribe address to your email sigtag, you can substantially increase your mailing list.

Message Boards – Join message boards and discussion groups and add your subscribe address to your signature. Join in the conversations and give advice, help and guidance. This will help you build your list as well.

Social Sites – Be sure to post info and mention your ezine and/or newsletter on your social sites. This is an excellent way to get people to sign up.

Joint Ventures
– Contact other ezine publishers and work together to promote each other. Exchange thank you page ads, participate in group pop-up windows, swap ads in your welcome email, etc. Be creative with joint ventures and you can help each other get more subscribers.

Q: How can my ezine make money?

Your ezine is like a lifeline between your business and your readers. Your readers will come to trust you and your reputation will grow along with your business. You can also earn extra money by selling advertising space in your ezine.

Q: What do I put in my ezine?

Fill your ezine with resources, helpful information, some fun, motivational stories, original or guest articles, product and affiliate program reviews, freebies, webmaster tools, etc. Put yourself in your ezine as well. Let your readers get to know you and give your newsletter some personality. Be sure to have your contact info readily available for your readers. Write an editorial and talk to your readers. Encourage them to interact with you. Writing and publishing a quality ezine is fun so let your ideas flow for an interesting and unique ezine!

Q: How do I send out my ezine?

There are many options for emailing your ezine and many of them are free. When I started my first ezine many years ago, I used Yahoo Groups for sending it out. That worked out very well. Other options include:

Autoresponder – A favorite of many publishers but can get costly.

Web Host mailing Feature
– I have also used this option. It is free and works out very well.

Mailing List Software – You can also purchase software to manage and send out your newsletter.

Experiment with your ezine. Try new ideas and let your creativity come out. Make your ezine an extension of you and your business.

Above all else, remember that your ezine is for your readers so take the time to publish a quality ezine so that your business and reputation will flourish!

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