Five Benefits of Google+ for Business

The new kid on the block, Google+, influences how Google sends you traffic from their search engine. This is how:

1. Improving Your Results in Google Search

Google+ has a lot of features and elements built in that will allow Google to have better information to collect about your website from your social circles. They can see what you share, who likes it, what is most important to you, what is most important to your friends, and whether your company is able to satisfy the needs of your followers.

Now, if one of your friends does a search, or one of your friends’ friends, Google can direct them to your website. Google can promote according to your relationships, and use ads to your network based on their interests.

Google+ makes it possible for Google to get an understanding of how individuals share and discuss things. Based on this they can fine-tune the results when you or your circle of friends use the search engine.

2. Improved Quality In Search Results

Now you can’t cheat anymore and have false results due to artificial linking. If you are a spammer, Google will know and will be able to distinguish between a real profile and a spam one. This is great!

This also means that you will need to work hard to get quality +1’s, and make sure you build quality relationships with those in your circles.

3. Changes How You Get Traffic

Google’s share button, the +1, appears in the search results, and can be embedded on your website. They are tied to a destination page, the website where they are embedded the same as tweets or likes. This is important to know as you need to have this installed on your website. Your +1 votes will be tallied separately for each of your pages. This will affect each pages’ Quality Score, which will in turn help with your Google AdSense budget. Moving pages or changing their links will reset your +1 count for that page.

4. Improve Your Site’s Click-Through Rates

This is how often people actually click on your page in the Google search results. You can actually see in the Google results which website is more popular, or which resource people found helpful.

Many people will click differently based on those results. The ones with the most +1’s will be favored over those with the least. It is therefore imperative that you start using Google+ and that you use it to its fullest potential.

5. Direct Connect +

Google added a new feature to their search engine where you can add a + before your company name which will bring up your business profile directly bypassing the search results.

You can add a Google Connect button to your website. However, not all pages will be included. Google uses an algorithm to establish whether to use your website or not. You, therefore, need to work a bit in order to get your website included.

As you can see, Google+ is not like any other social networking site. It will affect our search habits, and Google is not scared to use that to its advantage to penetrate and dominate the social media space.

Article by Hannah Du Plessis. For more information on Social Media Marketing and to learn how you can attract clients like a
magnet, visit Attraction Marketing.

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  • Great post, Thanks for the share. Google + is certainly making a buzz around. And this new feature is a good one for businesses.

  • Thanks that was helpful. It seems to be not about building a site and leaving it, now you have to build relationships. Very helpful article.

    I’ve bookmark this site and look forward to more useful information.


  • Perhaps Google has evidence that the ads on the bottom will get better click-through rates and generate more revenue.

  • People ignored this social platform a lot in past but now they are all getting rushed towards Google+ because it has many SEO benefits for them!