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I have been doing this online marketing thing full-time for over 10 years. I have failed hundreds of times. One of the huge advantages of internet marketing over traditional offline marketing is that you have room to make mistakes since the entry cost to start a new venture is usually just web hosting, a domain name, and some time.

So, what have I learned in 10 years of trial and error (mostly error)? I make 90% of my money promoting my own products and services. Even the funky products which do not have the most professional of websites do better than most of my affiliate promotions. Can you make money with affiliate programs? Sure you can. I do it all the time. But do you know why I can make money from affiliate programs and most of you cannot?

I Am Able To Make Affiliate Commissions Because I Have Created My Own Products Which Generate Traffic And Lists
Because I have developed my own web properties (products themselves) which generate traffic and a list for me, I can then market a variety of quality products and services to this audience that can be either affiliate promotions or my own products. Which ones do I make the most money on? I make, by far, more money from my own products and services than with affiliate programs. I have been making money with some sites every day for over 10 years!

I Make 90% Of My Money Promoting My Own Products And Services
One of the services I provide is a classified ads submission service. The vast majority of the ads that I submit for people are business opportunity-type ads, which in themselves are affiliate programs. It is very rare that somebody is asking me to promote their own original product. The sites are all relatively the same, promising some variation on the theme of “make money do little or nothing.” “This is easy, no tech experience needed etc.” Basically broke wannabe internet marketers are trying to sell a business opportunity to other marketers who know very little – who then in turn will try to sell the same prepackaged, unoriginal biz opp to others.

I am not judging or criticizing anybody who is trying to sell business opportunities. I have tried with varying success to sell many myself. I am saying that if you are selling the same unoriginal product as everybody else you will generally have the same mediocre success. You need to think out of the box and come up with an original product or service to sell. You need an edge! You would be better off just selling a unique product off of some simple, easy-to-read website than trying to pump up another wannabe internet marketer with your self-replicated, selling-the-dream, type of website.

I Want You To Think Out Of The Box And Create Your Own Original Product Even If You Fail!
I used to practice grappling art of Judo. It is a very rough contact sport where you take lots of falls. My teacher would always say “I guarantee that you will get hurt doing Judo.” You see there is no money in this sport. So consequently there is no B.S. either. “It is tough, it hurts, and you will get hurt. Are you in or out?”

If You Try To Come Up With Original Products I Guarantee That It Will Require Thought, That You Will Have Problems And That You Will Most Likely Fail Many Times.
Yes, coming up with an original product or idea can take some effort but it is here that you will find your success not in being a sales person for somebody else. But the very fact that creating an original product takes effort and time, immediately eliminates competition that is too lazy to do the same. This is turn gives you an edge in the marketplace. Congratulations! You are moving up the food chain!

The Very Fact That Creating An Original Product Takes Time And Effort Immediately Eliminates Competition That Is Too Lazy To Do The Same. Congratulations! You Are Moving Up The Food Chain!
So what type of product or service to create? I suggest staying away for the saturated “biz opp” market. My girlfriend loves cats. I can’t stand them. Just for fun she started making these cat toys using wine corks and yarn and started bringing them to a shelter for the stray cats to play with. They loved these toys. She then brought a few to her hair dresser. Sold out! Now every time she gets her hair done she comes back with money. People love their cats and are willing to spend money on their toys. I am going to set up a website for her. I am actually starting to like cats!

You May Have Many Great Ideas Right In Front Of You
You may have many ideas for products and services that you could sell – right in front of you. Have you recently purchased a product or service that you were disappointed in? Maybe with a little research and help you could do a better job and/or even add an additional twist and sell this product or service yourself.

Have You Recently Purchased A Product That You Were Disappointed In? Ask Yourself The Question “How Can I Add More Value For The Consumer For This Product Or Service?”
Here are some more concrete ideas about products or services that you can sell relatively easily:

“Wait a second you say..I do not know anything about creating software.” Have you ever used software? Have you ever used software that you wished had additional features? Well, write those features down, head on over to or one of the many other freelance coding sites and hire a programmer to create your own original software that does exactly what you want it to do. You will be surprised how reasonable these software developers can be.

Software is a great product to sell because:

1. Software is almost 100% profit after you pay for the developing costs.

2. There are no delivery fees with software. Most software is instantly downloaded at no cost to you.

3. There are thousands of software directories where you can distribute your software. There is even automated software like Robosoft, which will automatically distribute your software for you to these directories.

4. There are many software affiliate networks where you can recruit affiliates to sell your software for you. Just a few are, ShareA Sale, Regnow, and Avantgate.

Ebooks are becoming more and more popular with readers such as the Kindle. Do you have an area of expertise that you could write about? They key with ebooks is that they should solve a problem. Have you recently done some research to solve a problem online? Maybe there are many other people who need similar answers. Google the search terms and use Google keyword tool to see if there are other people looking to solve the same problems. Maybe you could put together a simple affordable guide and sell it as an ebook on Clickbank and/or on other ebook marketplaces. Here is an article on 18 places where you can sell your ebook.

Online Services For Local Businesses

If you are reading this article, chances are that you know 100 times more about online marketing than most local business owners. Google has recently made a huge push to go after the local advertising market because that is where the big money is. Why not come up with web promotion service that helps local businesses? How many local businesses have videos on YouTube that are poorly optimized, hardly distributed or are getting no views. Why not check out some of the video promotion services being offered and see if you can improve on what they are doing?

Think Out Of The Box. Even Get A Little Crazy If You Have To! Maybe You Have A Special Genius That Nobody Else Has!
If you look at the success of Apple it is based around innovative products. Maybe we do not have the genius of Steve Jobs but then again maybe you have a special genius that nobody else has. Let’s see what you got!

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  • The last point is so good and I am doing online services for ebay and amazon sellers but never thought of local businesses. This is really great idea and would surely try this out. Thanks for the share.

  • This post has helped me to view things differently. I used to think the only way was to go head-on using the internet, but the part that says we can sell services to local businesses really hit me.
    God bless for this post.

  • Hey there,

    I’m still new in the IM business and nothing happened yet aside from many failures trying to make it! But I have this strong feeling that this is the way to go to make a little extra cash without giving up your day job. That is why I still did not give up yet.

    Good post, learned some nuggets here!


  • That’s right Deogracias. Rather than trying to promote some self replicated biz opp deal come up with just one original product that solves some problems that is yours and promote that. I can almost guarantee that you will have better success. Good luck. Matt.