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May 20, 2012

Facebook Insights – What You Need to Know and Why

Everybody uses Facebook, but not everybody uses its built-in analytic program, Facebook Insights. How do you know if your fan page is doing what it should be without this important feedback tool? Just like Google Analytics for your website, Insights tells you whether your marketing is working or not.

How Do You Get Insights?

You’re in luck – you already have it. You can get to the Insights Dashboard by clicking View Insights from your profile screen.

Once you click on it, you’ll see a change.

Whenever you hover over a link on your fan page, it will give you data on it. For example, it’ll tell you how many people have clicked that link or tab.

Just like Google Analytics, Insights offers you tons of data and there’s no way you can use it all. I recommend spending some quality time with it and figuring out how it works. Then, you’ll know exactly which stats to pay attention to.

Knowledge is Power

Using Insights, you can get detailed data on how your fan page is growing. It shows all of your fans and when they joined. It also breaks down the demographics for you so that you know your market better. You’ll find out, for example, that there are lots of males in their early 20s in the American Midwest (or something like that) who are fans.

You can also get data on likes and unlikes. I find the unlikes data to be especially useful. Whenever somebody likes something and then takes it back, they unlike it. You can learn a lot about your fans’ behavior by checking out which likes they take back later.

Insights lets you see whenever anybody has shared, linked to, or even mentioned your fan page. This data is Facebook-wide so it can really reveal a lot. It can also help you figure out how to get more fans.

Know How You Are Performing

Facebook Insights is lots of fun to play with, but it’s really important for seeing trends on your page. In order to let you do this more easily, the tool lets you instantly export the data you want to an Excel or CSV file. There’s just a simple Export button at the top of the page. Click it and it’ll ask you which format you’d like; then, it starts to download.

If you’re an app developer, Insights is wonderful. It shows you who’s using your app and exactly what they’re using it for. You can use this data to improve the app and enhance user experience.

One of the best things I’ve found for app developers is the ability to use Insights for troubleshooting. It’s really easy to see the weak points of your app so that you can fix them next time.

If you haven’t already checked out Insights, I recommend doing it immediately. It’ll take some time to learn which features you care about and which you don’t, so get started on it.

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