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June 15, 2012

Traffic Exchanges: How to Get Involved

Traffic exchanges are an ideal way to promote your Internet business. These networks help lay the foundation of a successful enterprise without users having to worry about spending too much money to fuel their marketing campaign. This is typically a suitable technique for individuals from varied backgrounds, including retirees, stay-at-home parents, those looking to earn supplemental income, or full-time students pursuing business degrees.

Planning to become part of a traffic exchange network isn’t something to consider as a last resort. This goal should be taken seriously and often remains at the top of the advertising list for many small business owners. If you’re eager to see the fruits of your labor, don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Check out some helpful steps below that’ll help you reach your full potential as a hopeful entrepreneur:

How It Works

Sign Up – Most traffic network programs will let you sign up for free. However, some require payment with membership and offer a variety of additional perks, such as upgrades or higher credit ratios. Be sure to compare several programs to help you narrow down your options.

Submit Sites – After registering, users must submit their website(s) for consideration. Keep in mind that most networks are sticklers for high-quality content regardless of the topic. Websites must contain professional appearances and are often chosen based on the amount of evident family-friendly material. Common categories for traffic exchange networks often include, but aren’t limited to, society, automotive, health, arts and entertainment, travel, sports, business and finance, education, self-help, animals, apparel, and children.

Browse Sites – Next, you’re required to view the websites of other members via manual or auto surfing. You earn credits every time you browse a different site. Some exchange traffic programs allow one credit per click while others give more than one credit which boosts traffic on your site.

Create New Ads -The credits you earn from browsing other sites should be used to develop your own personalized ads. The finished products are then displayed on targeted sites.

How to Find the Right Traffic Exchange Program(s)

Know Your Niche – It’s not a good idea to operate outside of your niche on traffic exchange networks. Although you may think it’ll maximize your website’s visibility, it can also increase your bounce rate or the average amount of time that individuals actually remain on your site. Instead, be mindful of the category that your online business falls under. Targeting viewers that you know will be interested in your site’s content is more likely to grow stability and sales.

Compare the Pros and Cons of Traffic Exchange Networks – Don’t make the mistake of becoming associated with traffic exchange programs blindly. Research the characteristics of networks that strike your interest before committing to them. This will help you understand what you’re getting into, and what’s expected of you. It also leaves little room for disappointment.

Network – Be sure to connect with other small business owners online and offline. You never know who’s looking for the kind of website you’re promoting or who could have a lead on which traffic exchange programs are the best to work with. The more contacts you meet, the better chances you have locating a program that meets your business needs.

How to Start Your Own Traffic Exchange Site

Locate Contacts
– One of the first steps to beginning your own traffic exchange network is identifying contacts that have the same mind frame and similar online businesses. Finding webmasters who are on the same page that you’re on makes organizing your endeavor much easier and all parties partake in a win-win situation.

Choose a Script – Next, you’ll need to choose a script that’s able to manage all the daily transactions on your site. The script will need to be transferred to your server. Avoid going with free scripts and invest in heavy-duty scripts with complex features, such as anti-cheat systems. It’s also best to choose a script that’s been out for sometime, as most of its technical bugs will have been worked out and you won’t have to worry about too many errors that’ll impact the operation.

Keep in mind the importance of maintaining a straightforward relationship with your computer programmer since several modifications will need to be made over a course of time. Having a dependable technical professional makes these alterations easier to handle. If you find that you’d like to learn more about the technical aspects of this venture, it may be a good idea to consider online classes to strengthen your knowledge and help you get in tune with the basic practices.

Hire Outside Help – You may want to consider appointing an outside company to handle day-to-day operations as well. This will free up your time and enable you to focus on one or two priorities, rather than juggling multiple administrative assignments which keep you from reaching all business goals.

Article by James Chapman. Learn more about Traffic Exchanges