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June 15, 2012

LinkedIn Heat Map – What Are People Looking At in Your Profile

This interesting article was shared with me by Ken Lankin at Awesome Almonds. It is interesting reading about what readers look at in your LinkedIn profile. Thanks Ken!

Here’s what the article says in a nutshell:

• The Top priority position and the most “looking” is done on your profile photo. Try to take the very best picture possible and even consider having a professional photo taken if you think that LinkedIn is the right place for your marketing endeavors. A great looking photo may get more people to check out your full profile. One of my clients, Shawn Friesen has one of the best profile photos I’ve seen. The photo is engaging and unusual. It is done in sepia tones with the image turned at an angle.

• The place that gets the second most number of views is your most recent Twitter update. Wow! Who knew? Make sure you are tweeting regularly and are using the app to connect your Twitter account to LinkedIn.

• Comments on your status update. Another wow, who knew how important this was as well on LinkedIn. Engagement is key! Taking time to interact with your updates and those of others is a great way to really get noticed on LinkedIn.

Even in today’s faced paced digital world that ability to connect with others in essence hinges on what you post on social media sites and the attention to detail you put in on creating personal profiles. To see the image of the heat map, I recommend you visit The Business Insider as it will visually bring this all into focus.

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