3 Things I Did to Dominate the 1st 3 Pages of Google

Google logoFirst the results: On the first page of Google, as of writing of this article, I have 3 listings in Google’s natural search listings for my keywords. On the 2nd page of Google I have 9 out of 10 of the listings. On the 3rd page of Google I have 5 out of 10 natural listings. I have scattered listings throughout the next 10 pages of Google search as well. In Google video search the entire 1st page of 10 listings are all mine and 9 out of 10 listings on the 2nd page of Google video search are my listings. On YouTube search I dominate the 1st 11 listings for my keywords.

The keywords I am going for are “classified ad submission service.” The site I am promoting is classifiedsubmissions.com which is, of course, a classified ad submission service. This is a relatively competitive non-local keyword. Here are some things I have done which have helped me get the results above.

1. Video Marketing – Video marketing works extremely well for SEO. YouTube has a PR ranking of 9 and is owned by Google. YouTube videos shoot to the top of the search engine listings fast. I made about 10 videos using Pro Show Web which is an online slide show video creator. It is very similar to Animoto but with a bit more flexibility.

I tagged the videos with my variations of my keywords in the descriptions and titles. I also included the link to my website at the very beginning of the description. This makes the link very visible and increases the chances of people clicking on it.

I submitted the video with various descriptions using Contentbuzz to about 5 of the top video hosting sites. The program also sends my video to social media sites and sites such as Blogger.com and Facebook.

I then chose a few of the videos and uploaded them to 35 different video hosting sites. Here is the list http://www.localvideotestimonials.com/video-hosting-sites/. YouTube, of course, is the most important site but the other video hosting sites get excellent traction in search engine results and give you even more backlinks and exposure. Video listings find their way very quickly in not only Google video search but in the natural listings as well. Here are the results of the 2nd page of Google’s natural listings (not video search) for the keywords:

“classified ad submission service”

This is all I could fit in the screenshot. But my listings go all the way down the page. People talk about getting a top listing but maybe it is more important to dominate the first 3 pages of ALL Google’s listings for your keywords. Video SEO/marketing is a great place to start with your SEO because you see almost immediate results. In addition, YouTube is the 2nd busiest search engine after Google in its own right. You are actually dominating an entirely different search engine. People are directly searching within the YouTube search function as well.

2. I Created A Facebook Fanpage With My Keywords In The Title – I noticed that Facebook fanpages show right at the top of the search engines. Plus, like YouTube, Facebook is a very powerful search engine itself. I created a fanpage using my keywords in the title of the fanpage. My fanpage is https://www.facebook.com/ClassifiedAdSubmissionService. This works and it is very easy and quick to create a Facebook fanpage. This fanpage bounces from the first and 3rd page positions of Google search but it is always there.

To create a Facebook fanpage first log into your Facebook account then go here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php

I suggest placing a link to your website in the About section so it is permanently visible on your Facebook fanpage. Then add some content, videos, and articles to your Facebook fanpage.

3. I Created A Squidoo Lens Based On My Keywords – Squidoo lenses get ranked very highly in search as well. This is perhaps because of the high standard of original content that is required by Squidoo. I paid somebody to create an original Squidoo lens based on my keywords. You can see it here. Add your Squidoo Lens to your Facebook page. Add your Facebook page to your Squidoo lens, add your videos to everything. Of course, place links back to your main website on all the pages.

I have done much more than what I describe to achieve the results I have achieved so far. This is a work in progress. I am now taking different versions of my keywords and creating videos, Squidoo pages, and Facebook fanpages around these terms. In subsequent articles, I will discuss the additional techniques I am using to rank for my keywords. Of course, if you have suggestions, I would love to hear them! I am learning like everybody else. I have included several techniques that have worked very well for me. I hope you have similar success.

Matthew Meyer is the webmaster for Quickregister.net, a Free Directory Submission Service. You can submit unlimited websites to 300+ quality link directories, 300+ article directories, and to 300+ social media sites with his free submission service.

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Matthew Meyer

Matthew Meyer is the webmaster for Quickregister.net, a Free Directory Submission Service. You can submit unlimited websites to 300+ quality link directories, 300+ article directories, and to 300+ social media sites with his free submission service.


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  • Your highest ranked video only has 10 views, I was number 11. Not very impressive. Also, why are you bragging about 2nd and 3rd page Google SERP? Interesting read but you could get better first page results by blogging in Google blogger.

  • Great information and it shows you’ve done a lot of hard work – you don’t get anything for nothing! With all the latest talk about Google+, do you think you need to link your website to your G+ profile too? Seems to carry a lot of weight these days.

  • This is an excellent Article, Mr. Meyer!

    I am always reading up on SEO for my clients. To save them money, I encourage them to do as much marketing as they can themselves. I just emailed all of them the link to your article.

    Thanks ; )

  • First I have to say thank you because while I run a large organization, for years I have heard more promises than actual ideas. You are the exception to the rule.

    I am age 60 so not as good at all this as younger folks may be. So a question. Any tips re: keywords with the Youtube and video posts.

    Thank you very much.

    My key search is for

  • Ros beat me to it. I would recommend that you post regularly (daily) to Google+ using your same keywords since google is placing these posts directly into the search results pages. Here you can see my posts, many focusing on local seo marketing.

    Thanks for the great article Matthew.

  • Hi Heather. As for the low video views they add up if you have hundreds of them. I have many accounts and I am working them with different variations of keywords. Blogger is excellent and I have started a blogger blog as well as wordpress.com blog. They both work very well. This is a work in progress. Better to be on all 3 pages because the rankings change daily if not hourly. Your first page listing could be on the third page tommorrow. If you have all three pages dominated you are always going to have a presence on the first page.

  • Jesse, my biggest tip for YouTube videos is to put your keywords right in the title. Nothing wrong with just using your specific keywords and nothing else. This seems to work very well. I used just “Classified Ad Submission Service” in one one the titles then variations like “Best Classified Ad Submission Service”, “Classified Ad Submission Service Review” etc. Of course put the link to your website at the beginning of the video description so people can see it and click on it and complete the description and tags. Another tip, use your video as a video response to a related video.

  • Ros and Michael. Great tip for Google+ both on linking my profile and on posting. Had done some for my other site quickregister.net but not for this one. I will definitely get going on this! Thank you.

  • Hi Martin, actually the sites that are ranking right now are my web 2.0 properties, articles, and videos. The site itself was ranked on the first page then I changed the title! Big mistake. It shot down in the ratings. However, I am working on that and the first 3 pages of Google are covered with pages featuring my website. Often the web 2.0 properties will rank faster than your actual website.

  • Pretty good points. I have a question: I have several videos that I previously published to Youtube, can I now publish them to the other video site mentioned? If yes, then how?

  • Thanks for all the insite. I will certainly put this to good use. Who can you contact to contract making the squidoo lens?

  • Grenda, Check out Fiverr.com. Hint, look for people whose native language is English. Sometimes people write their posts in broken English if it is not their native language. Check out the flags next to the names. Good luck.

  • Thank you very much for this advice. I already have FB fanpage and an account on youtube. But I haven’t tried using the squidoo lens yet. I have to work on it now. Thanks again!

  • Not only the title should be the exact keyword but the keyword should be in description and tags, don’t forget the tags.

    Now on to fiverr sometimes a US flag does not mean they are native English speaker.

    Some use it to get the US buyers to think they have an native English speaker

  • Ahhh, how refreshing! Thank you for posting actual specific actions that I can utilize to increase my ranking. These days there are so many articles that discuss, why you should be using Pinterest, LinkedIn, ect…but no additional concrete information. We can all regurgitate the idea, but here you have included viable actions I can take..T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U.

  • SEO Acuity. Great point about the flags! I guess you take your chances on Fiverr. My guy had a video intro in English so I could tell he was legit but I will watch out for false flags.

    Sasha, I am glad you appreciate the practical approach. I do not care about seo theory. I care what actually works. My pleasure. Good luck!

  • I recently starting building lens on Squidoo. I think that I am noting some search engine ranking improvments for certain keeywords. Thanks, its a great article.

  • Hi Matthew –
    This post is pure content, I’m glad I had time to review it. You say you’re not an expert, but that’s relative. I’ve wasted my online time with other useless ideas, but I’m now working with the Blogging & SEO stuff. I hope to be where you are one day (Also, thank you Michael Cordova for your really helpful comment. I’ll do it).

  • Thank you for your kind words and appreciation Terry. Good luck with all your seo efforts.