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Microsoft is going head-to-head with Google to prove its search engine, Bing, is the best.

The company has launched a campaign to prove consumers prefer its new website Bing It On (US only) over Google. The campaign gives consumers the ability to compare search results side-by-side. Microsoft maintains, in blind side-by-side comparisons, people chose Bing two-to-one over Google.

The user keys in a query and then chooses which search results he or she favors or whether it’s a “tie.” Users are asked to weigh five sets of search results. The site then tells the user which search engine triumphed.  Prizes are offered to entice people to take the challenge.

Microsoft claims Bing offers superior search quality over Google and has said the site will aid consumers in breaking the “Google habit.”

Amazon, apparently, is down with Bing. The retail giant has chosen Bing as the default search engine for its new batch of Kindle Fire devices.  Amazon, however, is giving customers the option of switching their default search engine if they wish.

The Bing It On campaign is not the first time Microsoft has used blind tests to persuade customers to make a switch. The company held a Windows Phone challenge earlier this year, during which Microsoft claimed its phone was faster than the Android or iPhone.

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