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September 11, 2012

Technology News Briefs – Sept. 11, 2012

Twitter Tops Facebook

Twitter will earn $57 million more this year in U.S. mobile advertising revenues than Facebook, eMarketer has projected.

Twitter will earn $129.7 million compared to Facebook which will come in at $72.7 million.

Neither company earns as much in mobile revenue as corporations such as Google and Pandora, which have long had such advertising. Both social networks, however, are expected to pull in high revenues throughout the forecast period.

McAfee facing lawsuit

McAfee is being sued for allegedly tricking Web users into buying “Registry Power Cleaner” software.

The potential class-action lawsuit alleges McAfee offers free diagnostic scans of users’ computers. Computers are allegedly found to be at “high risk” for problems each time a scan is run, court papers say.

The suit also alleges the software is manufactured by the company Capital Intellect, but that “McAfee has a deal with Capital to endorse, market and sell the program.” Capital Intellect was also named as a defendant in the case.

Apple to Offer Digital Radio

Apple plans to go toe-to-toe with Pandora to offer a digital radio service.

The service will include customized listening and on-demand options, according to a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report that cited three unnamed sources.

Apple, owner of iTunes, is still discussing provisions for digital music rights for the potential radio service, the same sources told WSJ.

It is thought royalties will be the main issue – something that has also been a problem between Pandora and publishers.

While Pandora has ended its negotiations with publishers, instead choosing to pay royalties on a default basis decided by Federal statute, Apple is dealing directly with publishers, the WSJ story said. Although this could make the royalties more costly, it would give Apple more latitude in how listeners could interact with music.