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September 12, 2012

Instagram Has 100M Users: Zuckerberg

The $1 billion Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg shelled out for Instagram in April was money well spent.

Instagram, a mobile-only photo-sharing app, had 30 million users at the time of purchase. Tuesday, Zuckerberg said that number has grown to 100 million.

“They are killing it,” he said at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco.

Instagram, which officially became part of the Facebook empire last week, will not be assimilated into the company’s infrastructure, Zuckerberg assured fans of the service.

“Our mission with Instagram is we want to help them grow to hundreds of millions of users,” Zuckerberg was quoted by TechCrunch. “We have no agenda with making them go onto our

According to a Business Insider report, “after Facebook, which has 543 million monthly active users on mobile, and Twitter which has 140 million daily active users across all platforms, no social network is close to as big as Instagram is on mobile.”

Pinterest, in recent months, has turned down acquisition offers above $2 billion. If Instagram were still an independent company, the report said, “it would surely be getting better offers than that.”