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September 18, 2012

Watch TV and Post to Facebook? No Problem, Tablet Users Say

Sixty-three percent of all tablet owners watch TV while using their devices — substantially more than any other activity done concomitantly with tablet usage, a new study has found.

In fact, 41 percent of tablet owners’ total TV viewing is done while multi-tasking, the study from GfK MRI stated.

Use of social media is the top tablet activity while watching TV. Thirty-four percent posted comments on Facebook, Twitter, a blog or another site about a show. Twenty-five percent visited a network or show’s website, fan site or app while 21 percent looked for information on a TV show being watched. Sixteen percent watched a video clip about a show, 11 percent voted in a contest/event for a TV show and nine percent chatted live about a show.

Does that mean tablet users are distracted? Survey says no. Thirty-six percent of simultaneous TV/tablet users said their main focus was their tablet while an equal number said their focus was split equally between the TV and tablet. Twenty-eight percent said their primary focus was on the TV screen.

Risa Becker, senior vice president of research operations at GfK MRI, said multi-taskers are good for business: 28 percent used their tablet to search for information about a product advertised during a show they watched and 12 percent bought a product advertised during a show.

“This is particularly good news for marketers; having a tablet at hand makes it much easier for consumers to respond instantly to commercial offers while they are top of mind,” she said.